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Xiaomi Redmi Pro is now official and comes with dual rear camera

As expected the Xiaomi Redmi Pro has announced in an official way, confirming one of their great new: rear camera includes a dual sensor, making it “gets into the car” that offer other manufacturers, like for example Huawei in its P9. By the way, also found in the interior of this model there is a “heart” of MediaTek.

With a fully recognizable design, Xiaomi Redmi Pro comes with finish in metal and with a reduction in size of the quite remarkable screen frames. He case is that is attractive, and of the part back disappears the already usual space intended for the reader of footprints circular, what is must to the inclusion of the second sensor that occupies its place-is includes a button front Home finished in ceramic for such effect-.

Imagen de la pantalla del Xiaomi Redmi Pro

As we have pointed out one of the great attractions of Xiaomi Redmi Pro is the inclusion of double rear camera, since it is the first Chinese company that integrates this. The fact is that we are talking about two sensors: one of 13 megapixel (Sony IMX 258) which is the top and the bottom, of 5 Mpx (Samsung). In combination makes sure that they are more than sufficient to ensure good quality and really interesting openings – with the help of the hardware below 0 F:1.) and striking effects.

Sensores traseros del Xiaomi Redmi Pro

Other features of the Xiaomi Redmi Pro

The truth is that this model comes with a very large market opportunities, as evidenced by its battery, which has a load of 4.050 mAh and maintains the current form of work of the Asian manufacturer for offers a broad autonomy (something achieved without problems in models such as the Redmi 3S). Other options that are starting in the Xiaomi Redmi Pro are the following:

  • Display type OLED 5.5 inch quality Full HD (1080 p)
  • 3 GB of RAM in basic models, 4 GB in the strongest
  • Processor MediaTek 25 X more powerful (at 2.5 GHz) and Variant model more restrained with helium 20 X
  • GPU Mali-T880
  • Storage of versions more powerful 64 and 128 GB, while the basic stays at 32 GB, expandable using microSD card
  • USB connectivity type C and integrates IR emitter
  • Dual SIM compatible with 4 G + (VoLTE)
  • System operating Android 6.0 with personalization MIUI

Nuevo terminal Xiaomi Redmi Pro

Goodbye Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. Hello Xiaomi Redmi Pro

In regards to the prices with which Xiaomi Redmi Pro hits the market, these are the ones who have been announced by the company: the basic stays at 205 euros, while the more powerful variants in €231 with 64 GB and €272 with 128 “gigas”. The beginning of its sale in China is located in Golden, silver and grey colors, in the month of August.

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