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Xiaomi my Note 2: the best tab technical for 500 euros, for hunt to the users lost of the Note 7

The first terminal Edge out the Samsung catalogue has just been presented in China. Its manufacturer, Xiaomi, has benefited from the Korean firm technology at the most opportune time: just when the Note 7 is withdrawn from the market and seeks solutions to mitigate the hole that is losing the trump card of a flagship just before Christmas. This My Note 2, is presented as a good alternative for fishing in river scrambled eggs.

Already is bad luck for Samsung, and are sure of that if had seen come what was going to occur with the Note 7 is had rethought supply them screens OLED curves to Xiaomi in this precise time. However, the terminal of the signature Chinese arrive with a design more similar to the of the S6 Edge Plus, angled and of lines less soft that the frustrated phablet with S Pen and reader of retina.

My Note 2 is thus a terminal of luxury, with great performance, but without reaching the excellence of what would have been a fully functional 7 Note. His proposal boils down to what represents Xiaomi today: design shot to Samsung or Apple, hardware quite pointer and MIUI adapted to the Chinese market, which still must go through the community to take advantage of international level.

Xiaomi Mi 2 Note: the best time sheet

My Note 2 has features of vertigo: screen OLED bend 5.7 inch resolution Quad HD, processor Snapdragon 821 of quad-core 2.35 GHz GPU Adreno 530, 6 GB of RAM, up to 128 GB of storage, 4,070 mAh battery capacity (load fast 3.0 + USB type C), Android 6.0 bathed in MIUI 8, NFC, compatibility with 800 Mhz bandwidth (at last!) , etc.

Mi Note 2 precio caracteristicas

A paragraph that deserves special attention is the camera, since the recent flagships of the firm have been somewhat disappointing in this respect. While in the Mi5S followed the trend of most manufacturers, increasing the size of the pixel and lowering the resolution, now has opted for the path of their latest high-end Xperia Sony, an IMX318 sensor 23 mpx with optical stabilizer.

A great product, noted for making the first copy the Edge of Samsung concept been

In this sense, and while are detecting enough fascination with the terminal in others media, we are going to add a point of skepticism to the proposal of Xiaomi. Are they worth my Note 2? Is it one of the best phablets of the moment? Is it a safe alternative to Galaxy Note 7? The answer to all these questions: absolutely. Its merit, however, is in having been the first in copy the design original of Samsung, which enough signatures van to do during 2017.

Pantalla curva OLED Samsung Xiaomi

From my humble point of view, the best of Xiaomi, better even than their value for money, is the huge community of fans around which has been developed throughout the scene the signature. The speed with which developers independent are worked on the ROMs to leave them polished and tailored to European user it is fascinating and without that Xiaomi would not be what it is not.

Price and availability of Xiaomi my Note 2

He My Note 2 is a team premium and the investment in its development has had to be considerable. Even so, the price of the device are spectacular. The basic model, with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage is 380 euros, the highest with a 6 GB / 128 GB will cost 450 euros in its Chinese version, and 475 euros in the international.

modelos y precio en euros

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