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Xiaomi my Band 2 vs. Cubot V1: comparative in video of two smartbands low cost

Interested by the purchase of a smartband? If so, quite possibly already you have reported the benefits of the latest model of Xiaomi, Xiaomi Mi Band 2. However, the dwarves have grown to the manufacturer and it is the presentation and marketing of Cubot V1. Then, can choose what? The following comparative in video us about a little more to those two models to discover small details that can mark the difference.

Although the wearables market is mainly represented by the smartwatches, smartbands or smart bracelets have gained ground rapidly. It have made mainly because are capable of make a good number of functions of them watches, especially the related with the monitoring of the activity physical. One of those models that from its inception has been the more representative has been it Xiaomi my Band. However, the launch of the latest model, the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 has been preceded by the Cubot V1, a model of even more economical cut that offers similar benefits.Pulseras inteligentes de bajo coste

The smartband Xiaomi my Band 2 already has competition and is called Cubot V1

Low-cost smart bracelet

At the time of its official launch we could check how your sheet and, above all, for its price, Cubot V1 bracelet become automatically one of the direct rivals of the popular Xiaomi Mi Band 2. And is that while the price more usual of the model of Xiaomi is located between them 30 and them 40 euros, the wearable of Cubot starts in the 16 and 18 euros. Seems obvious that by price is much more competitive the cubot V1, however, have of analyzing crowd of aspects.

New Xiaomi Mi Band 2 display, heart rate sensor and 20 days of battery

One of those aspects that have wanted put to test has been both the design as quality of them finished. At this point there is a clear difference. While the Xiaomi my Band 2 has of a bracelet of rubber more flexible and susceptible to is remove accidentally the mechanism, in the case of the Cubot is presented materials more rigid and solid, by what costs greatly remove the body with the electronic.Puerto de carga de la Xiaomi Mi Band 2 y cubot V1

As for recharging the battery, the video shows the same load is more comfortable in Cubot model and it is for the connection interface. While Xiaomi model it is necessary to remove the body of the bracelet, with wear and hassles that entails, the V1 Cubot is plugged via a microUSB port. While the connection is difficult, it does not require the extraction of the body of the bracelet.

Disassemble the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 to compare it with my Band 1

Without more, we leave you with the video so that you bring forth your own conclusions, beyond which can extract the interlocutor of the video since it comes from the brand itself.

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