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Xiaomi my 5s Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus: comparative

This morning we have known and finally to the new Xiaomi my 5s and, as usual, has come accompanied by a version phablet, which presents itself as an affordable alternative to the best phablets of high range, but with an intention to compete more directly with the brand-new iPhone 7 Plus, judging by the references to it in the presentation. Would until what point can be the phablet of the company china a threat for the of the of it Apple? What we sacrifice if we bet on it? Let’s see him reviewing the technical specifications of both in this comparison.


While he has always accused Xiaomi too clearly copied the design of Apple’sdevices, the truth is still some there are few differences between these two phablets, as the home button, the space occupied by the frames and the location of the fingerprint reader. With the two will enjoy, in any case, finishing of the metal housing premium.


Already have mentioned that them frames of the my 5s Plus are quite more reduced that them of the iPhone (this is one of them points less attractive of the design of this, probably), and that is note enough to the compare them dimensions of both, especially taking in has that the screen of the first, as will see is more large: the phablet of Xiaomi measures 15.46 x 7,77 cm and the of Apple 15.82 cm x 7.79 cm.

5s plus rosa


Indeed, despite having a very similar size, my 5s Plus screen is slightly larger than the iPhone 7 Plus (5.7 inch front 5.5 inch). (The resolution is also Full HD (1920 x 1080), leaving is a little behind what is usual in the range high today, but still to the height of what us offers the phablet of Apple). The result, that Yes, it is a somewhat less pixels (386-PPI front 401 PPI) density.


(Although is clear that with its processor A10 Fussion (four nuclei to 2.23 GHz) and with 3 GB of memory RAM, the iPhone 7 Plus has given a jump important in hardware, in addition to enjoy of the plus that assumes a system operating made to measure), the my 5s Plus comes with figures that are between them best in what to devices Android is refers , with a Snapdragon 821 (four cores to 2.4 GHz) and with 4 or 6 GB of memory RAM, depending on the version to choose.

Storage capacity

Another point that Apple has significantly improved offering with its new phablet is the storage capacity, which happened to be 32 GB for the basic model, but here it Xiaomi gets ahead with ease, with 64 GB of internal memory for the standard model and 128 GB for the premium model (which is also come with 6 GB of RAM).

negro jet iPhone 7 Plus


If what distinguishes his younger brother iPhone 7 Plus , plus size, having a dual camera ( 12 MP both, Aperture f/1.8 with optical image stabilizer and opening f/2.8), also find a dual camera in my 5s Plus 12 MPsensors. In the front-facing camera, takes some advantage the phablet of Apple, on the other hand (7 MP 4 MPfront).


The autonomy real of both only us it can give them tests real of use and to know it of the phablet of Xiaomi still there will be that wait, but what Yes can advance is that this part with an advantage huge in terms of capacity of battery (3800 mAh facing 2900 mAh).


Of course, my 5s Plus attractive is the price, and the difference with the iPhone 7 Plus could hardly be greater, already to us with the phablet of Xiaomi costs us almost one-third (less than 310 euros per change) of what we have to pay for the Apple (910 euros).

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