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Xiaomi Mix, the first prototype of the mark screen 6 borderless, 4″

Already had seen some images in the last weeks, and finally is has become really halfway. Xiaomi has presented its first prototype of smartphone with a screen without edges, the Xiaomi Mix that occupies all the front of the terminal and that is focus in them contained and it experience and in its enjoyment, of there this great screen of 6.4 inch that not has edge any and that certainly collides with any another terminal that have seen previously. The renowned designer Philippe Stark firm design of this conception. In fact this Xiaomi prototype has the same size as an iPhone 7, but it is capable of displaying much more content with your big screen.

This new concept of Xiaomi offers us a screen which is the main protagonist of the ensemble, which as you can see in the images offers a diagonal of 6.4 inch borderless, and that it uses interesting solutions to logical problems that occur in a design of this type.


For example the front camera is housed in the lower part of the terminal, since in the absence of a top edge, there is no place where to integrate it. And it is that Xiaomi Mix screen nothing less that 91.3% of the front of the terminal, occupies a brand certainly spectacular.


He design of this terminal has run to charge of Philippe Stark, a recognized designer industrial that has emphasized in the need of obtain a mobile where has less material and more intelligence and wit.

Xiaomi Mix, new challenges, and new solutions

Xiaomi with this terminal aims to offer a series of solutions when it comes to integrating various sensors within a design as aggressive as this. For that reason this Xiaomi Mix has an ultrasonic proximity sensor or a front compact camera that would be located in the bottom right of the front panel, by the apparent lack of space at the top.

17:9 aspect ratio

Xiaomi has adopted its own relationship of appearance of 17:9, that has been created to offer more content in virtually the same space. If to this we add a few rounded corners that also adopts the screen itself, the feeling that this Mix Xiaomi offers the view is amazing.

In development…

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