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Xiaomi Mi6 ceramic can be superior to the competition

To date we have been able to gather multitude of leaks that allow us to approach will be like the next ship Xiaomi logo. Because of their supposed characteristics there is no doubt that it will be on par with the next bearers like Samsung Galaxy S8. However, the Chinese company appears to have clear how differentiate into key sections from the competition. We refer not only to the design of the terminal, but also to materials and a Xiaomi Mi6 ceramic would provide differentiating features very appreciated by the public and that may well combine the strong points of the design of a Galaxy of last generation and appearance ultra bright of a iPhone 7 Jet Black.

The truth is that the presentation of a Xiaomi Mi6 ceramic would not be an exclusive novelty. We must remember that the signature already opted for this material first Xiaomi Mi5 Pro and ultimately into the Mix my Xiaomi. However, the adoption of the ceramics in the new model – at least in the most prominent version – can have, this time, the desired face competition effect.

Xiaomi Mi6, the latest features

If we are guided by information from China, everything seems to indicate that there will be at least one version of the Xiaomi Mi6 of ceramic. This would match the model that will sport a curved screen, 6 GB of RAM and 256 GB internal memory. A priori, if we valor√°semos the sheet, the premium version of Xiaomi Mi6 could hobnob elbow with elbow next to Samsung Galaxy S8 and other premium models that come in your way.

However, Xiaomi has the opportunity of put is by in front of the large brands, as already happens with the Xiaomi my Mix. If in the case of the phablet it was by design screen without frames, with Xiaomi Mi6 has the opportunity to offer the user a smartphone that overcomes resistance from their opponents.

Xiaomi Mi6 ceramics can provide precisely that point differential and “novel” if the mark gets massive sale. The reason is that this material offers various aesthetic details very appreciated by the user, with the plus of being not so fragile.

The advantages of an Xiaomi Mi6 of ceramic face competition

With an Xiaomi Mi6 ceramic brand would offer a dynamic design similar to the one applied by Samsung which has been considered one of the smartphones in this paragraph, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. However, pottery would a surface Finish glossy ultra – exceeding the Crystal – like the one made by Apple in its iPhone 7 Jet Black – that has dazzled and dragged millions of users to purchase – but infinitely much more resistant to scratches and falls.Xiaomi de cerámica frente a un iPhone 7 Jet Black

For test a button and resistance test applied to the Mix my Xiaomi leaves patent feature hyper-resistant ceramic, though no less interesting seems offered above item that is put to test, even with a power drill, Xiaomi Mi5 Proceramic resistance. It is that we must remember that Galaxy S7 Edge glass casing is somewhat delicate in the fall and finish applied by the Cupertino on your iPhone has been too sensitive to scratches, more if fits which initially indicated the own brand.

Thus, an Xiaomi Mi6 ceramic can be Xiaomi bullet to be clearly distinguished from the proposals of two adversaries stronger in the Smartphone market. Now remains to be seen if the production of ceramics, one of the drawbacks, is sufficient to provide a version of the Xiaomi Mi6 of ceramic while it suffers problems of stock and, in turn, not more expensive product notoriously since, let us remember, Xiaomi stands out also for the balance between the features, qualities and price of their smartphones.

The article to a Xiaomi Mi6 ceramic can be superior to the competition was published in MovilZona.

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