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Xiaomi Mi Note 2, more colors and better performance than the Xiaomi Mi5s Plus

This week have known them new Xiaomi Mi5s and Mi5s Plus but all the world expected that to the party is pointed a third smartphone, the Xiaomi my Note 2, that to the end not is unveiled because, according to what is says, is the as in the sleeve of the company china against them Google Pixel.

Although still are savoring the great proposed of them Xiaomi Mi5s and Mi5s Plus, already started to know news of the next great launch of the company Chinese and, perhaps, as expected as these two. Is is of the Xiaomi my Note 2, the return of the phablet of Xiaomi that points to the month of October, in a rhythm of collision direct with them Google Pixel.

From Xiaomi Today report that the analyst of the Asian industry, bread Jiutang, has suggested that if we are interested in a terminal Xiaomi really pointer and, in addition, with more variety of colors that has the Xiaomi Mi5s Plus, we keep the card in the wallet until the last bars of October.

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 with more power and capacity than the Xiaomi Mi5s Plus

According to this expert, the new Xiaomi Mi Note 2, which may also be called Xiaomi my Pro or My Note 2 Pro, will be a true beast, at least on paper, offering things like a 5.7 inch QHD screen (remember that the Mi5s Plus is Full HD) with a curved style with 3D Touch, Snapdragon 821, in this tie recently presented terminals , but is that would increase its RAM to the 8 GB and the storage would reach them 256 GB. It would complete the sheet a 3600 mAh powered Quick Charge battery and provide MIUI 8 already based Android 7 Nougat.

Imagen frontal del Xiaomi Mi Note 2

As all, still have that wait a few weeks to know if all these omens is make reality. The truth is that is a list of benefits that anyone would want to carry in the Pocket. It certain is that, above all, highlights it of that could count with 8 GB of RAM, although one of our experts of Hardzone doubt enough of that this mark the difference in a terminal Android.

A full news October

Either way, and with the presentation of the Google Pixel earlier this month, is in fact expected to be on Tuesday, October 4, date that the Mountain View company has marked as a before and an after in the company up to a statue, where it is also likely to see the first tablets and computers with the operating system Andromeda , the merger between Chrome OS and Android.

estatua de Google con el 4 de octubre

What is well clear is that if have had a September lively between IFA, Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi, the arrival of the autumn in October not going to disappoint and will continue to with the rhythm in all it high.

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