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Xiaomi launches a survey so their fans give way to the Xiaomi Mi6

Now that current high-end Chinese manufacturer is already in process of commercialization, with Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and Xiaomi Mi Mix being the latest smartphones to join this company catalog, it is turn of thinking in the next flagship of the company. Therefore, that Xiaomi has launched a survey so their fans give way to Xiaomi Mi6.

In order to appear in only 5 months, Xiaomi already should be working on his new Xiaomi Mi6 if you don’t want that times are delayed, as it was the case with the Xiaomi Mi5. However it seems that the company wants to know the wishes of his fans before launching a terminal that is not very well received by users, thus resulting in a process that is positive for both parties

So the future will be Xiaomi Mi6

It seems that Xiaomi Mi 6 will continue based on a price of 1,999 Yuan (about 300) and the size of the screen will be or is 5.2 inches or 5.5 inch, everything will depend on the election of users. As we say, lcompany has given to its followers to choose between three predefined smartphone specifications that would shape the future flagship of the company.encuesta xiaomi mi6

  • Option A: Snapdragon processor 8xx + 20MP camera + 4 GB RAM + ROM 32GB + metal body
  • Option B: 65 Snapdragon processor x + dual cameras + OIS + 4 GB RAM + 64GB ROM + Edge glass body
  • Option C: 65 Snapdragon processor x + dual cameras + without OIS + 6 GB RAM + ROM 64GB + metal body

3 specifications shape a future Xiaomi Mi6 plenty of power and in line with the characteristics of the terminals each manufacturer star, but taking into account that the smartphone should see the light before wound spring of the coming year, to see if this survey is not more than a curious Xiaomi marketing movement.

It is not the first time that we see as the most famous Chinese manufacturer launches a survey among its users, since months ago did the same so its fans symbolize to the, until then, larger company, Xiaomi my Max phone.

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