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Factsheet of the Live X3V a terminal with Android 4.4 operating system that comes with finishing metal and as part of the input of product range. This device offers compatibility with LTE, so make the most current connection mobility higher speeds.

With a 5-inchscreen, this device is attractive for those who like using the phone with only one hand. Panel type IPS, it is fairly common and offers a solvent capacity. Its resolution is 720 p, so the 300 dpi of pixel density are not exceeded. by the way, we have a model, as shown in the datasheet of the X3V live, that is Dual SIMtype, so you can resolve the personal and professional life.

The processor that is integrated in the device is a Snapdragon 400, a suitable component but that they should be the maximum possible performance. Works at a frequency of 1.2 GHz, and its interior HOWTOs and appreciates the tab live X3V technique includes a 305 Adreno GPU, which is similar to the above mentioned SoC in performance. The RAM is 2 GB, but what is a particular highlight.

Details of the technical details of the live X3V

Storage offered by this model is 16 GB internal, which is not a bad number for the less powerful segment of the market, but it has the handicap not to allow enlargement using microSD card. Connectivity is suitable without missing you WiFi and Bluetooth, stressing that the sound is exactly compatible with HiFi, rather than Noah s very common.

Finally, there is comment that cameras that are starting in the terminal have 8- and 5-megapixel sensors (rear and front, respectively). They are suitable, and the main highlights by the possibility of recording quality Full HD and, in addition, by its opening of 0 F:2.. A suitable model, as shown in the datasheet of the X3V live, that it is Dual SIM compatible with LTE.

The X3V article was published in MovilZona.

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