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Factsheet the X3F live input range phone but includes some components that make you Excel in this segment of the market. Its design also metallic, which gives it an interesting attraction, to which is added compatibility with networks LTE Cat.4, which allows a fast Internet connection in mobility.

This model processor is a quad-core, working at a frequency of 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 400 . It is solvent, but little else in relation to the performance. Additionally, it is important to tell the GPU is a 305 Adreno, so games that are not especially demanding not malfunctioning. The RAM is an element, as shown in the datasheet of the live X3F, which stands out among all those who are included since it reached the 2 GB.

The main camera of this device is 8 Megapixels, so it is not particularly badly, having an opening of 0 F:2. and that it is capable of recording video at Full HD quality. the front remains in the 5 Mpx, so it meets the minimum required current. In relation to connectivity, the wireless is complete, with WiFi and Bluetooth present, and the own load as shown in the datasheet of the X3F live is type microUSB.

More than live X3F Datasheet

This terminal screen is 5″, so handle it with only a year is more than possible. The panel is type IPS, so it is not at odds here, with a resolution of 720 p that does not allow you to overcome the 300 dpi for pixel density. In what refers to the battery, which can be seen in the datasheet of the X3F live which is heading has a load of 2,360 mAh, which is an adequate amount.

Finally, it is important to tell that storage is comprised of 16 GB internal, a respectable brand, which can be increased through the use of cards microSD of up to 128 “gigas”. This a model which, as you can see in the datasheet of the X3F live, is quite correct and a good choice for those looking for a phone of input range.

The X3F article was published in MovilZona.

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