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Live X 7 technical specifications a metallic finish cona phone Android operating system comes with some pretty interesting features in many sections, but more importantly, that it is not at odds on anything from the basics in a mobile terminal. Therefore, it is a model to take into account.

This model has a Snapdragon 652 eight-core processor GHz. Compatible working maximum at a frequency of 1.8 with architecture 64-bit and big. LITTLE, in the interior of this component already one more than solvent Adreno GPU 510. The RAM is one of the best details of this terminal, as shown in the datasheet of the live X 7, 4 GBavailable. A good joint.

The screen is 5.2 inches, a pretty good measure in the ergonomic, and integrated Super AMOLED panel offers quality Full HD. Thus, the density of pixels exceeds without problems the 400 dpi. Well integrated into the front housing, the battery of the device, as shown in the datasheet of the live X 7 is 3,000 mAh, with the good additive to be compatible with fast recharge. New, well finished.

Most of the technical details of the live 7 X

A curious detail of this model is that the front camera has a higher resolution than the rear sensor, 16 by 13 megapixel respectively. The case is that the first has a dedicated flash, which is a nice touch, and both are capable of recording 1080 p. The opening of the front is of F: 2.0, while the element rear is remains at F: 2.2. The model is Dual SIM type and compatible with LTE networks.

The smartphone storage is 64 GB, a lot, being possible to increase this HOWTOs and sees in the datasheet of the live X 7. With good sound quality and below the 8 mm thick, this model is a very interesting device that is not at odds in any section and that, therefore, must take into account.

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