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X 10: The dance of figures of the last phablet created by LeEco

For 2016, you speak in repeated occasions of LeEco. This Chinese company, which like many others, began his career in the range low-cost terminals which did not offer a high despite being very affordable, quality was climbing positions to become, at least in their country of origin, in one of the most established firms in the middle segment. However, last year also saw this technological attempts to get closer to the high end, something that could raise some doubts about whether this brand would be prepared or not to reach the highest Terminal group following the trend of other competitors in the country of the great wall.

A few weeks ago, the authority in charge of regulating telecommunications china and which has a decisive role when it comes to approving new tablets and smartphones, Tena, gave its approval for the marketing of a new signature terminal, called 10 X and whose benefits, as it is often the case with many other devices that have not yet been released , are undergoing variations depending on the sources that the reveal. Then you have more about this model facing the two sheets on the one hand, offered by the Chinese institution, and on the other by the portal GFXBench.

LeEco logo

First conflict: the name

Sometimes we can find terminals that receive multiple denominations by their manufacturers. However, in this case happens something different: the names are put by the different parts that have got know more about this device. Tena has named it as X 850, and in fact, now three months ago, just when it received approval, we told you what already is had been able to know this model through the regulatory body. However, since GFXBench they postulate that its features, as well as your name, that it would be 10 X, could change.


As we already told you more on the performance of this device according to the Tena, now it is time to show you the other side of the coin. Those of GFXBench and as shown in GSMArena, maintain that the X 10 would fall to 5.5 inches. On the other hand, the resolution QHD of 2560 × 1440 pixels continues without changes and also, comes accompanied of a system of icons gestural that is must draw with the fingers. The first significant change found in cameras, which according to the latest data reveal that they could become four and to incorporate two dual systems: the two 12-megapixel lenses back and front, another pair that would reach 16.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 procesador


Here we find on the one hand, small variations, and for another, higher performance at the same time. The processor, which would happen in the 2.4 GHz to the 2.3, would be one of the last members of the Snapdragon, in fact the 820 family. In November, we mentioned that it had confirmed a 4 GB RAM with a 64 initial storage capacity. Now, is postulated with that this first indicator could get to them 6 and that in spite of a memory internal that would return to be of 64 GB, also could be is in 32. Do you think that they will try two different versions?

Operating system

The last time that I spoke of this device we mentioned that one of the questions that we found was the software. He has already confirmed that it will feature Marshmallow with the layer of customization own developed by LeEco. On networks, despite not having been confirmed, it takes for granted that will be once again, with support for the most popular networks currently. At the moment, some parameters are unknown as the autonomy.

marshmallow fondo

Availability and price

While a few months have passed, and although they have shown some of the features that the X 10 could tell, the truth is that there are still some unknowns slopes to be resolved that they could nonetheless be cleared completely during MWC in Barcelona right in a month. We see here the end of the war of data offered by one side, the Tena and other, specialized portals around the world? In this appointment also could clear doubts about its possible cost and the markets in which it could be marketed.

After you learn more about the benefits of the next thing of LeEco, do you what spec sheet think that you could fit more with the line followed by the company with its latest models? That of the Tena or the collected on websites like GSMArena? Once again, the time will serve to clarify possible doubts. In this context again arise another set of issues such as for example, what are the challenges that will face the firm in the coming months. Do you think that with this device you can compete against Asian rivals and achieve a position privileged in the middle range or on the contrary? While we wait to see how everything is clarified, we offer you more information on other devices manufactured by the brand along with other companies so that you can say to yourselves.

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