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Woxter Qx 79: the new tablet from 60 euros, with Android Marshmallow, of the firm

Fire 7 from Amazon it went a new rival, this time from a Spanish company able to make large, as we have seen over time, certain distribution channels. The Woxter Qx 79 arrives with specifications very modest (to treat is from the year 2016) but with a price that undoubtedly will motivate to who seek the tablet more cheap possible. So the new Woxter Qx 79, a device whose price is 60 Euro.

Few manufacturers can now keep the strategy of creating tablets with high performance profit margins (the iPad is the paradigm), selling enough units and to be profitable. By the contrary, the market maintains a series of stops of range well clear and defined, and then many models below them 200 euros, that are those who truly arrive to the thickness of the public. In that sense, the Amazon 7 Fire marked a before and an after.

Amazon and Woxter burned the market of the tablets

Woxter Qx 79: what we offered for 60 euros?

Mainly, Woxter offers the possibility of make us with a tablet equipped of the technology minimum so the experience not is frustrating to a price amazing. No mistake, very possibly the qualities of the terminal are not at the level of what it can offer Amazon, a company with more muscle and without the need to piggyback on benefit at the expense of hardware sale.

QX 79 tablet azul

Therefore, if we better with applications that exist within the Amazon catalogue, or even if we encourage us to find a way to install the Play Store at a Fire, for my part do not hesitate to buy it. However, if what need is a tablet that come of series with the possibility of access to the shop of apps of Google, the Wolder Qx 79 or any of them devices economic of Lenovo are best option.

Features technical of the tablet

And she has published The free Androidpartners, Woxter Qx 79 has a 7 inch LCD resolution screen 1024 x 600, four core processor, manufacturer unspecified, 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of storage, 5 and 2 megapixel camera battery 2500 mAh and different color options: blue pink, black, white and green.

How others of the great qualities of the device, along with its price, is not, Android Marshmalow, difficult to see by now running in the range of input terminals to Nougat is already on the market.

Woxter Qx 79 item: the new tablet from 60 euros, with Android Marshmallow, signature was published in TabletZona.

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