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Wondershare TunesGo or how to sync iPhone without iTunes

It is perhaps the major complaint of all those who have an iPhone and found that they can not sync iPhone without iTunes. Apple’s system is still cumbersome and, for many, complicated. But there are alternatives as Wondershare TunesGO that have analyzed to fund them companions of SoftZone, for forgetting us of the software of Apple.

We recommend all that right now you have an iPhone and you are reading this that you pass by the excellent and extensive analysis of SoftZone about Wondershare. If you’re fed up with iTunes, surely you are going to find the guide there to free you from the bondage that you puts Apple to sync music, videos, contacts and everything you carry in your Smartphone.

To large features, because SoftZone already explains how download it and configure it, Wondershare TunesGo us offers a program alternative to iTunes, much more simple and, above all, without so many headaches of head as us gives Apple in some moments.

Functions that us is going to allow TunesGo to synchronize the iPhone without iTunes

TunesGO has a series of features more than interesting time sync our iPhone without iTunes. Among them are the of that can recover the library of iTunes to have a copy with which can already start to work in TunesGo.


You can also transfer music, videos, support photos on the device inside the folder that you want without having that be a library of Photos, etc.

Us allows also other things very useful as access to all the contacts that have in the iPhone and to customize them and edit them to our taste of form well simple. In addition, if we have a file with contacts from other mobile, is as simple as giving the “import” button and we will put them on the phone. It’s simple, regardless of whether what we had before was Android or any other mobile operating system.

TunesGO functions that does not have iTunes

But without a doubt, some of the most interesting functions have to do with things that TunesGO and that can not be found in iTunes is the browser.


This function allows you to enter public folders from an iPhone or iPad without having done jailbreak or configure anything on it. This will allow love to those who have it all much more orderly or, above all, when we want to get a file concrete of a sound recording or the camera reel photos without having to sync it constantly.

An “extra” last, Toolbox

And finally, we have a section in TunesGO of the most useful, the “Toolbox“. It gathered seven functions that solve us life on many occasions.

For example, can rebuild the library of iTunes from a backup, back up only those files that interest us in any media device (both the PC as in cloud services), transfer quickly content from iTunes to the device, send your contacts to another phone or restore the computer if there is a problem.


But we are especially interested in the last two. The first allows you to create GIF, these animated images that we can now send by WhatsApp, from any photo or video of our iPhone and, in addition, to repair the iPhone or iPad if it is that iTunes does not recognize it. All of this by just pressing a button.

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