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WinkPax G1: another tablet perfect for games with remote control Bluetooth

The Nintendo Switch is unleashing a new fever gamer between the fans of the signature Japanese. After trying to approach the concept and raise reasonable doubts about the relevance of this type of game console, we continue to see references in the media to other computers that promote a similar essence. In this case I speak of the tablet WinkPax G1, a terminal ready for enjoy of them games with a remote control own.

Regardless of the success that get it Nintendo Switch, to which you wish the best of the luck, is an excellent occasion to give a new impulse to them games in them devices mobile, although these already enjoyed of magnificent health. However, if there is a thorn we have nailed is that many large category titles not reach to succeed since they are destroyed by other developments of much lower quality, but free.

He made of that begin to appear more teams prepared for the gaming moderately advanced, opens the doors to their users are more selective and want to search games to the height of their tablets with command, as can be this WinkPax G1.

Characteristics of the WinkPax G1

The specifications of the tablet are fairly straightforward and conform to what we can ask a good device to devote to games. The display has 8 inch to Full HD resolution. The processor is a MediaTek MT-7873 of 8 core with a GPU Mali-T720MP3, valid for the absolute majority of the games that can be found in the Play Store. The RAM is 2 GB and 32 GB internal memory even if it can be expanded with MicroSD. The battery, on the other hand, is 5,100mah.

With the extras, however, comes the good part of the tablet WinkPad G1. On the one hand, have connectivity 4 G and possibility of making calls phone. On the other hand, we have a mini HDMI port for connecting the tablet to television and used a large screen for our games. Finally, this product includes a bluetooth remote control that can be used autonomously or be made to attach it to the tablet.

Price and where to buy

The price of the device usually is around 300 euros, however, is now on offer at Geekbuying and can be achieved by 200 euros from the link that we leave the store. If when you read this has passed you the discount, we have also seen the tablet WinkPax G1 in BangGood; so we recommend you compare prices and dealers to see which compensates for you to use.


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