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Windows, Android or iOS: virtues and defects of each OS in tablets

When it comes time to take a tablet can arise a reasonable doubt with respect to what operating system will come us better. In the end will depend on much of our personal preferences, the circumstances of use and of the tasks that we have in mind to do. Today we review by the major segment three platforms to analyse their strengths and weaknesses.

The iPad imposed a strict domain in the first bars of the Tablet market, after which, the Android (thanks to its huge variety in question of manufacturers or technical specifications) took the witness as a platform with more users of the sector. Currently the former seem in full decline and Windows 10 is the only system that grows in all three sales.

Apple iOS on iPad


We have three formats: 7.9, 9.7 and 12.9. Mini, Air and Pro. Undoubtedly, its strong point is its huge catalog of applications. Apple has taken much care of the App Store and puts restrictions more serious to upload content to their Android store, therefore, almost everything we download and come optimized for tablet will know who has at least spent some quality checks. In addition, iOS is the most fluid of the three system. Finally, include the height of all Apple products in terms of design and finishes: the mini iPad / Air / Pro is a masterpiece of engineering.

apple ipad pro


Apple does not pass for his best time to say and after leaving hundreds of units of the iPad of 9.7-inch Pro blocked with one of their latest updates, has taken more than half month to have the system ready for the device. The iPad are expensive. In fact, they are too expensive, there is always the option not to go for the latest model, but to an earlier one and save us some money. The need to go through iTunes to load content on the tablet is sometimes somewhat uncomfortable, as well as the obligatory cable lightning. Finally, if we compare it with the Windows, your operating system is lightweight and does not not by far a similar productive strength .

Google Android tablets


We like the fact that almost all the major manufacturers have their own tablet; so you can always choose between firms that they are to our liking. In addition, the range of models is very broad: are plenty options between 60 and 1000 euros depending on the needs and budget of each. Android is a tremendously versatile system and, if we like to tinker a bit, we can do almost anything with your interface. On the other hand, the majority of applications do not have an optimization as the iOS but for many it is not problem, the issue is that you can make use of them.

Tab S2 8.0 actualizacion


Double-edge Razor: there are applications that is not that you are not optimized, it is that they are not maintained, or that they don’t work. For many users the topic of fragmentation will be a problem, and if on smartphones updates van slow Android tablets in the question is much worse. Finally, we are at an impasse in which the manufacturer must decide continue along a path or another. Perhaps that is the reason why we’re not seeing too many powerful models in recent dates.

Microsoft Windows in convertible


It is the best system if we want a productive tablet, and not only because this platform devices often come with more ports and keyboard , will also get an excellent integration of Microsoft services such as Office, OneNote, OneDrive or Skype. On the other hand, Windows is a efficient system in General, quite fluid and with low consumption. Tablets with this can SO run not only applications, but also heavier desktop programs, although solvency will depend on the specific computer hardware.

Huawei MateBook a la venta


Windows is in full recycling phase and while it has improved a lot in recent times and that has added a tablet mode facilitating the use of these devices to a large extent, the system is still much more oriented to the PC. Proof of this is undoubtedly the lack of applications, also motivated by the delay by Microsoft at the time of joining the segment. This is basically the ballast of Windows at the present time and, therefore, we would recommend only buying a tablet with this SO if we are very clear that it will be a working tool.

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