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Will reveal part of the features that come with the ZTE Axon Max 2

A new very large-screen terminal is close to reaching the market, we refer to the ZTE Axon Max 2 . This device has been seen in one of the common performance testing used in Android handsets, as it is GFXBench. And, it true, is that point very good ways. We tell you what has been known him.

This model comes to be an evolution of the device that is announced the year last, and that has of a screen of 6 inch , by what we speak of a phablet with a panel dimensions are quite respectable. In what refers to the resolution, which is the starting in the ZTE Axon Max 2 is Full HD (1080 p), which meets to be part of highlights from the middle range, for example.

To ensure good performance, although it is not the best on the market, the choice of the two key components for this is quite logic and, in General, successful. Processing is a eight-core Snapdragon 617 and compatible with 64-bit (Cortex-A53) architecture. The frequency rises to the 2 GHz and in the interior of the SoC there is a GPU Adreno 506. THE second important component in this section is the RAM, and the 4 GB included in the ZTE Axon Max 2 are more than enough.

Phablet ZTE Axon Max 2 en GFXBEnch

ZTE ZMAX PRO, a phablet with screen FHD of 6 inch by less than 90 euros

Fairly complete

This is an of the features that has the ZTE Axon Max 2, since talk of a model that includes a camera main of 16-Megapixel , by what is not at odds here (the front is no less than 13 Mpx, so the selfies of good quality are not exactly a chimera). In what refers to the battery, which includes the model will be of 4,150 mAh, by what is not wrong while announcing a terminal of a relatively small thickness. It true, is that to the company Chinese you did lack a model of this features to have a portfolio of product of it more full.

Teléfono ZTE Axon Max

With a nomenclature that fits with the model which is expected to be (C2017), ZTE Axon Max 2 is a quiet evolution of the model that is already on the market, staying in the middle range advanced without problems (manufacturer of the processor and the size and resolution of the panel repeats). By the way, that the internal storage is of 64 GB expandable through the use of microSD cards, so here it stands out against other devices that compete in the market and that all indications are that it will have a price in Exchange for about 400 euros.

The article is reveal part of the features that come with the ZTE Axon Max 2 is published in MovilZona.

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