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Wi-Fi access will more European aircraft and will be more faster

Browsing the internet on a plane is something that is associated with privilege of the few, because all are known problems that are put to the use of electronic devices or terminals in mid-flight. Navigate through a Wi-Fi connection of the aircraft is already quite common in the United States, but not so much in Europe. Now we have known that one of the most important Airlines in Europe will integrate high speed Wifi in their planes to enjoy it by the passage in full flight.

Europe has targeted the Wifi connection ratio who enjoyed the Americans, where 70% of flights has a Wifi connection to be enjoyed by the passage, while in the rest of the world this figure is only 3%. With this objective, the German airline Lufthansa will offer this service in some of their flights from next year.

More Wifi and better

This is ultimately the objective of European aviation, satellites and Inmarsat Plc and Deutsche Telekom AG telephone antennas will be responsible to make this faster connection to German aircraft, although other European airlines already work also to improve Wi-Fi access. One of the main reasons why Europe has not spread Wi-Fi access on airplanes, in addition to some powerful connections yet, is because companies are not very clear to what extent is profitable the installation of these connections on airplanes.

Conexión WiFi en aviones

Some bet on this because having this service could retain its customers, who would prefer to fly on a plane with a network from which be communicated in full flight to another that does not have these connections. ViaSat, one of the providers of this service in aircraft has projected to expand its business with the new satellites will be put into orbit between 2017 and 2019, taking into account a large increase in demand for this type in our continent.


Three companies, Panasonic, Inmarsat-Deutsche Telekom and ViaSat are preparing to offer more and better Wi-Fi. The first offers Wifi connections in fast flight, while Panasonic will manufacture their own devices to increase coverage and bet ViaSat to provide an even faster than the current connection. All of them have in mind a goal that European between 5 and 10 years, Wi-Fi access is available in all aircraft and it is completely free for customers.

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