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Why LG has decided stop of manufacture smartphones modular?

During the celebration of the first appointments technological of this year, could see as to it reality virtual, is added a new trend that sought to define the future of them smartphones to short term: them devices modular. With the separation of them terminals in different parts that could exchange is freely, at least, in theory, is opened a new road both for manufacturers as for users, that now would have the opportunity of customize to the maximum its phablets not only from the point of view of them covers, but also, with others components as them cameras or them memories. These new formats, the aim was to give more importance to a mass of consumers in a few years, it has become totally heterogeneous.

The South Korean LG quickly emerged as one of the first companies to experiment with these supports and decided to launch models as the G5. However, the excitement caused by this model did not result in a good acceptance among the public, and this has led to the technological Asian to abandon their projects of removable smartphones at least for the time being following in the footsteps of others such as Google, which also decided to cancel its work in this field under the umbrella of Project Ara. What are the causes? One of the factors that have influenced this measure could come from China.

g5 camara dual

1 lack of attraction

One of the reasons why LG has decided to abandon the creation of modular terminals at least for now, is the fact that this trend is still something experimental in what very few technological wanted to enter. In consumer electronics, as well as in other fields as the real economy, stability is a value-added, and currently, the riskiest bets of different companies go through the incorporation of small items such as dual cameras that are having greater success. Manufacturers prefer the incorporation of trends slow and gradual.

2. high cost

To the lack of interest of the signatures, is added a component that affects directly in them consumers. As have mentioned in other occasions, the users are that indirectly just ensuring the success or driving to the failure to them different terminals. For modular devices, the biggest drawback was on the one hand, in a limited offer of components and on the other hand, due to its high price, ranging between 100 and 300 euros in the case of the LG phablet.

LG G4c LG G4 LG G4 Stylus

3. lack of functionality

To the treat is of something that still was in a phase of development and implementation early, existed some bugs important that remained even more attractive to them modules. For the LG G5, the main inconvenient reported by them users, was the made of that to add or remove each component, was necessary turn off and restart completely the terminal, what caused losses of time important for a public that is accustomed to the immediacy in all them aspects. On the other hand, the load with different elements could become tedious.

4. limited offer

Although from the company South Korean secured from the introduction of them modules approximately in February, that in little time, them users would have with a greater amount of elements to add, the reality was completely different. LG only launched some headphones, a camera and a few glasses of reality virtual compatible with the G5. From the signature also claimed that would work with other manufacturers to increase the offer of components and consolidate with more force them terminals. However, as remember some lines more up, in a context complex marked by the uncertainty, those different actors not want to risk.

lg v20 colores

5. once more, China

It seems that the Asian giant is present stronger in various fields, including the technology. As we have stated on other occasions, in the ranking of the 10 carriers with more deployment worldwide, more than half are already in the country of the great wall. Their entry has been so powerful that LG, that before was in the upper half, has now fallen some positions. This has given as result that the Sales of the terminals of the company have been under of it planned.

And now what?

The G5 was meant to be the spearhead of a new generation of smartphones from LG who sought to revolutionize the market. However, with the presentation and the sale in them next days of an of them jewelry of the Crown of the signature, the V20, the technological has given a step back to the launch a phablet in sense strict of which previously you offered some of their features more outstanding.

Currently it seems that only Motorola is committed to the creation of devices whose parts are interchangeable. Do you think that this format could succeed in a few years or however, believe that the demands of the users are currently focused towards improving other benefits and that in the short term, we will continue attending the launch of traditional models? You have available more information as for example, the cancellation of Project Ara and their reasons so you can say to yourselves.

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