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Why is the price of iPhone 8 higher than the iPhone 7 Plus?

If all those forecasts are met, Apple will launch this years three versions of iPhone. On the one hand we see the 7s and 7s Plus iPhone iPhone as renovated versions of the current generation of smartphones. On the other hand, and on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Apple smartphone, expected signature to commemorate this event with the launch of the iPhone 8. A model that will draw together a larger number of novelties and which break the deck by important aesthetic change, but also because the price of the iPhone 8 would be even higher, even above the current iPhone Plus 7.

There are reasons more than enough to believe that Apple can upload el price of the iPhone 8 above which has could acquire any iPhone until the date. A price analysts located above current iPhone 7 Plus, whose cheaper version – the of 32 GB – part of the 909 euros in Spain.Carcasa trasera del iPhone 8 X Edition

Birth of the version Plus, an economic plus for Apple

With the launch of the iPhone 6 Plus, the first phone of Apple with screen of 5.5 inch to adapt is to the market of them phablet, the signature of the Apple saw a new model of business. The terminal stood with a price higher than the base model, then the iPhone 6. Happened it same with the iPhone 6s Plus, a movement that is standardized with the arrival of the iPhone 7 Plus.

However, with the last of the phablet of the Californian witnessed a slight increase in the terminal with respect to the previous generation, in part because of the improvements made by the firm in terms of RAM and camera.

IPhone 8, upward price

If us stick to these measures taken by Apple, take advantage of the update of the hardware for expensive a product of reference, the iPhone 8 has all them ballots for increase also its price concerning it version base. Whether as 8 Plus iPhone or iPhone 8 as a sign of distinction with respect to the expected 7s iPhone and iPhone 7s Plus, improvements and new features introduced in the model will be exceeding the of both, it is expected that the most prominent model is also in reference to the price.

If all the rumors are true, one of the stellar features of iPhone 8 will be his design, based on a curved screen with panel OLED flexible 5.8 inch. A display which will certainly be more expensive than current LCD panels and again reason to believe that it will directly affect the cost of the equipment.Doble cámara trasera del iPhone 8 X Edition

A more exclusive model, a more expensive model

Similarly, the fact that the aforementioned iPhone 8 can be regarded as a specific version to celebrate 10 years of iPhone become also a model with a few special dyes in the face of the user. Therefore, a reason for the Californian’s face to increase the cost of the equipment.

In addition, the mere fact that the demand for the current iPhone 7 Plus has increased considerably despite their clearly superior price on iPhone 7 is another reason it can bring security to Apple when fixing an even higher price to iPhone 8. And it is that according to forecasts by analysts, 7 Plus iPhone demand has increased with respect to the accomplished by the iPhone Plus 6s during the same period of last year.

Estimates indicate that 58.5 iPhone sold 7 million during the last quarter of 2016, a 40% is monopolized by the iPhone’s 5.5 inch. This data would be an increase of 17% compared to sales of iPhone Plus 6s. Statistics that indicate that the user gradually increases his interest in the Plus version because of its improvements and despite the increase in price. As well, a pattern of behavior that Apple may well take to raise the price of the iPhone 8.

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