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Why can a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 6 inches be a good strategy?

If the forecasts are met, there are still three months at least so that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is presented. During that secure remaining time are many leaks you know, more and more accurate. The last appearing on the scene is which indicates that the manufacturer will present a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus that would have no less than a six-inch screen. Fulfilled the prediction, by what can be a strategic move of relevance?

There is no doubt that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 incident has altered dramatically the South Korean plans. Note 7 is positioned as a key model, at a decisive moment. In fact, Samsung had in their hands with Note 7 a hit accurate for one of its top rivals: Apple. However, everything was thwarted with the detected technical failure that made the battery take to burn under certain circumstances.

A substitute, half

The Note 7 not only has grayed out all possibility of rival and weaken to Apple and its iPhone 7 Plus. It has also given wings to Huawei with its Mate 9. And it is that the phablet have acquired a position in the market too important to lose this battle.Display curvo de un hipotético Samsung Galaxy S8

After million-dollar losses and damage to the brand image, Samsung should lift quickly if he wants to keep fighting as a rival to follow. The Samsung Galaxy S8 will have the difficult ballot of reconquering the market of smartphones of high range. However, by definition, the Galaxy S8 not can occupy the place that should have in the market the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in these moments and in the first half of the year, until the arrival of his relay generational, in September of 2017.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus from 6 inch to revitalize them phablet

So as, them last rumors that speak of a hypothetical Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, which is characterized by have of screen Dual Edge of six inch, can not be an idea so far-fetched. And is that the signature Asian well can follow with its Samsung Galaxy S8 it evolution of so mythical series of smartphones premium, but of form parallel can supplement the absence of the master phablet, the Note 7, with a so-called Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, which would be more simple of develop and manufacture with the base of the Galaxy S8.

With this model, Samsung would have the ability to offer the highest performance in the segment phablet device. It would not have stylus S Pen, the DNA of the Note, but certainly it could be a suitable model to cover the backs to the company in the market of devices of screens above the 5.5 inch, each time with more weight in the sector.

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