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Who will continue forward with the legacy that leaves CyanogenMod?

Yesterday same knew that CyanogenMod as it knew left of exist, will be the next 31 of December when is let’s give support to them ROMs nightlies in development, currently with the latest versions of CyanogenMod 14.1. In this way the fork’s most popular Android that exists will be available for development in Android enthusiasts and lovers of the concept of AOSP for Google. Now, it seems that as they say, when one door closes another opens, and that is what would happen with the end of CyanogenMod.

Only a few weeks ago we knew interesting information that pointed to that you could change your name and pass to be called as LineageOS, well, it seems that this option is no longer a rumor to become a reality after the announcement of CyanogenMod.

LineageOS is now a reality, the heir of CyanogenMod

As said before, what a few weeks ago was just a rumor now is a reality, because the members of LineageOS have announced that Yes, that they are the ones who will pick up the baton and continue to forward with the legacy that now leaves CyanogenMod. LineageOS has made its “debut” in social networks and on their website, which is already active with a brief message that stand as the new incarnation of the popular ROM.


In this message is discovered as LineageOS, that define directly as a continuation of CyanogenMod, and where ensure that the loss of support to this project initial of code open not means that this has that disappear or die. So of this form is presented before the community of form informal and leave clear that there are alternative independent to Android for while, and that this just of begin to walk under the name of LineageOS. In fact we are next Tuesday for more details on this new stage now in the skin of Lineage.

logo de cyanogenmod

So many of them that we felt a bit disappointed finally CyanogenMod hope eager to see what offer us this group of enthusiasts who definitely know how to give him the love that deserves a ROM as popular as this. We are eager to know the first details of this new LineageOS and all the latest news and features that surely have already underway to make this something even more attractive, and mostly still more functional alternative.

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