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Which operator has the best coverage in Spain in 2016?

Once again, Connect Magazine has conducted a study that shows the results of the different Spanish operators both in its coverage in cities and road to answer the question of which operator has the best coverage in Spain, at least, in 2016.

Connect has made which already is its traditional test to the networks of the operators Spanish. About 56 million users in Spain turn our country into one of the biggest markets of mobile telephony in Europe and P3 Connect Mobile Benchmark Spain 2016 shows how, broadly, the Spanish operators have done their homework and all improved, although some more than others.

Vodafone continues to front and Telstra to the queue

The results of 2016 are best for all operators, adding more points than on the results of the same report in 2015. As in the last edition, Vodafone is located to the front with excellent results both in them evidence of voice as in them of data, especially in this second.

grafico de mejor cobertura operadores 2016

By back, Movistar again to overcome to Orange, also with the data by flag but tying with this in what is refers to the performance of the voice. In fourth position is Telstra, that recall that in January will change that 20% of coverage that not has in his hand of Movistar to Orange, something stagnant in their results in data, according to Connect, but with a lightweight advance in voice.

Which operator has the best coverage for voice calls in 2016

In the analysis that made from Connect, indicate that is visited more than 14 cities of more than 100.00 inhabitants to make them tests as well as others 26 municipalities of provinces Spanish and them main roads that them connect. This was the route that carried out.

ruta del estudio de connect en españa

In cities of more than 100.00 inhabitants, Vodafone is that reaches the best result, with difference, often of Orange and then Movistar.

grafico de mejor cobertura de voz operadores 2016

If we turn to the other villages, the three first positions is tightened with a slight advantage of Movistar, Orange and Vodafone, but in all cases are far from Telstra as you can see in the graph, it is far behind its competitors, especially when we are in the car on road.

Which operator has the best coverage for data in 2016

Improve things in data for all operators, but the positions do not vary too much. Vodafone is the leader in all them cases in what to the quality of your connection for the connections of data, but this time is followed very closely by Movistar and Orange in nuclei urban, without import its size.

grafico de mejor cobertura de datos operadores 2016

Stands out more when we go by road but Telstra is once again the “Red Lantern” in all these tests since although in cities is that it touches the “remarkable”, road turns into the suspense by the unreliability of their connection according to Connect.

What do you think of these results? By your own experience do you think that are successful?

The article what operator has the best coverage in Spain in 2016? It was published in MovilZona.

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