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Where to buy Xiaomi my Mix and receive it in Spain in record time

Do you want to buy the new Mix my Xiaomi, but you meet all retailers will only offer it in advance sales, without a specific shipping date? Surely that will be among the many that meet many obstacles to buy the phablet. However, there is a store online that allows you to buy the Mix my Xiaomi and send it to its destination, in Spain, in less than a week.

Xiaomi Mi Mix has become one of the most desirable premium smartphones of the moment by its imposing stamp, thanks in part to its prominent display without frames, but also to the innovative technological solutions incorporated, including a casing made of ceramic. However, the equipment availability is very limited and most of distributors take over one month to send the team, in the best of cases since most only offers pre-sales of the model. In spite of this, we have found a shop where buy Xiaomi my Mix so that it is sent to Spain in less than a week.

The challenge of buying Xiaomi my Mix from Spain

It has counterparts as the poor camera, but despite this the Mix my Xiaomi performance has become all an object of desire for many, especially for the lovers of the phablet pure. That desire is powered by the limited availability of equipment. The firm already progressed it later to your presentation. Is provided for the manufacture of some 10,000 units of the team to the month. Therefore, the acquisition of Xiaomi Mi Mix wanted all a feat, at least outside of Chinese borders, where it is necessary to resort to distributors able to export it to Europe and specifically Spain. In fact, if you browse the net and look at the most prominent and popular Asian distributors we will see how Xiaomi my Mix is available in pre-sale, in many cases with dates of shipment without defining or, in the best of cases, with deliveries from mid-December (most the time required for the bearing of the package from China).Comprar el Xiaomi Mi Mix desde España

Express shipping in just one week

However, there are alternatives that allow buy Xiaomi my Mix and receive it in a time record of less than a week in Spain. Ensures it at least some users that have opted for the aforementioned dealer, called yeso521, and that list the two versions of the Mix my Xiaomi, which has 128 GB of internal memory and 4 GB of RAM, as well as the model with 6 GB RAM and 256 GB of internal memory.

That Yes, the any case the price of the first is going to them 795 dollars, some 750 euros. In the case of the version premium would be speaking of 1,078 dollars, some 1,017 euros to the change. To this total would that add a cost additional of 29 euros in concept of customs and service of shipping express through the company’s parcel DHL. Some of the users who have detailed their shopping experience speak of that the process of purchase and shipment of Xiaomi Mi Mix has not delayed more than five days.

Also, the dealer indicates offering 12 months official warranty in Spain from the date of receipt of the equipment. If you add the possibility to pay your order via PayPal to the equation, the transaction seems somewhat safe.

Xiaomi my Mix 4 GB RAM 128 GB ROM

Xiaomi my 6 GB RAM 256 GB ROM Mix

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