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When will the Galaxy Note 7 iris scanner arrive to mid-range smartphones?

One of the most outstanding innovations from Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was iris included front scanner. A new sensor biometric that is added to the already standardized scanner of footprints. To the moment of their presentation, Samsung said that in the future will integrate the cited reader of iris also in models of range average. A made that could spread to the rest of manufacturers to adopt the same solution of security. However, when expected to happen?

While previously there had been attempts by some firms, fingerprint sensor not standardized are as security system until Apple introduced it in your iPhone 5s. Subsequently be imposed in an important volume of smartphones Android. Will the same with released by Samsung Galaxy Note 7 iris scanner happen? As if analyzed the situation, could tell that we found in a situation similar, with different actors. And is that this type of readers biometric already have been used with previously by other brands, but can that is Samsung which impulse definitely its implantation in the market.Escáner de iris que incluye el Samsung Galaxy Note 7 en la parte frontal

With what applications works the scanner of iris of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7?

The scanner of iris on smartphones

Everything points to that will be the own Samsung which take the final step and include iris cited scanner in other models. There are no dates on the matter, but it could happen later this year or early next. And what about the other brands?

From now on there would not be a surprise that marks dropouts include iris scanner in their models more prominent – and more expensive-. However, when will be set to this scanner as safety range smartphones media, the most demanded in the market? For usefulness and effectiveness, has been shown a very safe environment, so that everything seems to indicate that it is a feature that most manufacturers will adopt.Escáner de iris del Samsung Galaxy Note 7

IPhones also include as of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 iris scanner

Chips two-in-one, the key

The answer to this question well it can have Downwoon Anatech. This company works to integrate on a same module front camera and infrared transmitter chip. And that, according to its leaders, this measure will allow to reduce 30% of this type of component costs. A factor vitar mid-range adopt this type of biometric sensor without both the final product price and the profits of the firms. And is that currently, as happens in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the emitter of infrared for allow the reading of the pattern of the iris of the eye of the user is independent, something that carries a surcharge that well is can profitable in a team premium with price superior to them 800 euros, but not in a model of low cost.

According to forecasts by Dongwoon Anatech, they plan to enter the module’s front-facing camera and infrared from next year chip, so it is expected that later, this solution and own increase in the volume of orders for the component allow its adoption by more economical terminals.

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