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WhatsApp refuses to give messages that read Diana Quer

We have again a case as which faced to the FBI and to Apple by the encryption in the content of an iPhone. Is now WhatsApp which is denies to facilitate to the authorities the last messages that read Diana Quer, the young Madrid disappeared from makes already weeks.

The case of Diana Quer takes a turn which, moreover, was not unexpected. The requirement of the UCO (operational unit) of the Guardia Civil to WhatsApp so provide them messages read by the young Madrid, Spanish authorities have received a resounding NOT by the hands of Facebook messaging company.

Not read if that offers them, but not read

It is curious that the proceedings of the case managers have had access to WhatsApp messages appearing as unread overnight disappearance of Diana Quer, assumed that they were sent by the contacts of the young after his disappearance.

These unread messages have been located by the parallel investigation of the BTS antennas information provided by telephone among other elements antennas. But they have no value for research because they were, almost all attempts of relatives and friends who were trying to give the Madrid teenager.

That WhatsApp refuses to give are those that the young woman received before the mobile will emit the signal. In spite of this, the Guardia Civil has could recover part but not all.

The coded “end-to-end” is to blame for the refusal of WhatsApp to reveal the latest Diana Quer saw

And is that WhatsApp not is that is denied because not wants to, but from the company American is indicates that is impossible access to those messages since are encrypted of point to point between them users.

With the latest updates of the application is have protected, finally, them communications between them users and them shipments of messages van with a key encrypted that only is hosted in them terminals of each one of which are in the conversation. Of this mode, or is access to the mobile of Diana Quer to read them or of which it sent, or not there are possibility of know what there is inside.

According to the UCO, WhatsApp negative believe that it is an overly restrictive application of the privacy policy since we have a company that complies with the laws of USA only if you want to collaborate (and according to WhatsApp can not do so).

cifrado de mensajes en whatsapp

What could be in those messages?

As it is supposed, Diana Quer wasn’t alone at the time of his disappearance and mobile is one of the keys to the research as not only messages but the connections that were made with the terminal can determine the position of the young man before disappearing. This can be done with simple triangulation of the antenna to provide coverage.

madre de diana quer con cartel de desaparecida

On August 22, when Diana Quer disappeared after returning from the festivities of A Pobra do Caramiñal last connection located in Tarragona and the prime suspect is her ex-boyfriend that has deleted their social networks recently different threatening messages.

WhatsApp article refuses to give messages that read Diana Quer was published in MovilZona.

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