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WhatsApp or Telegram what the most secure and advanced right now?

Does not become a battle similar to the big brands like Pepsi or Coca.Cola, or Apple Samsung, but the competition between WhatsApp and Telegram has always been present since the arrival of the last of these two applications. After the latest updates received by WhatsApp, analyze which of the two apps for messaging is the most advanced today.

While Telegram continues being an of the best options at the time of communicate is with them contacts from them users, not finish doubt of that the difference of users between applications is brutal, what ends of decant the balance was the side of WhatsApp. However, not only the number of users is what you are debating today, if not also the latest developments in each application to determine the safest and most advanced right now.

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Considering that the main advantages of Telegram to Whatsapp, as it is working with GIF or data encryption have already been hit by the property of Facebook application, seems to be that the latter would have taken the lead against Pável Dúrov app.

The calls of the discord

Today one of the most desired features in WhatsAppis consummated, after months and months of waiting finally this morning arrived video calls to the instant messaging application, following the path that months ago he began with the arrival of free calls to the service.

Telegram never is has interested by incorporate the service of them calls VoIP to your system, by what always has preferred opt by focus is only in the chats of text and in the maintenance of ones servers that always have responded before them falls of its competitor.

Rejecting incorporate to the service both calls as video calls, an of the main differences between Telegram and WhatsApp is the use of them bots, channels and stickers from it first, not looking enough as to try to approach is to them numbers of WahstApp.


In a recent report of Amnesty International are put of manifest it little security present in the many applications of messaging instant that populate App Store and Google Play Store. However, and despite what many might think, WhatsApp seems safer than Telegram in terms of user privacy.


Facebook, WhatsApp and iMessage, Apple Messenger are at the top of the list of applications that most to protect the privacy and intimacy of its user, while Telegram is relegated to inferior jobs. that Yes, none of them two comes to them ends of Snapchat, the application more insecure of all according to collects the body.

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