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What were those data and results more striking of the last Black Friday?

During the last few days, I have been giving a series of tips and tricks to keep in mind to deal with Black Friday in the best possible way. On the other hand, so that you may know more about this event that already has been consolidated with great force in our country, you also have a series of anecdotes and more recently, a list of the most common mistakes by users when it comes to tablets and smartphones during these days of frenetic consumption giving Christmas campaign kick off. As we remembered yesterday, this weekend approaching by leaps is a salutary lesson important for hundreds of establishments, which during the last Friday in November, a few important benefits that in many cases, allow balancing the accounts of the whole.

But, how much money we spend really on this appointment and what percentage allocated to the acquisition of new tablets and smartphones? Then we will offer the most striking data of the 2015 Edition and collect a series of predictions thrown by economists and traders of our country on the behaviour of the public in the upcoming campaign which will start officially in just over 12 hours. Did you know that spending is greater the Monday after Black Friday on own Friday in itself?

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1. technology to acquire technology

In many cases, the biggest discounts are in consumer electronics. During the Edition earlier, approximately 4 of every 10 people that bought some type of product in the Black Friday, acquired some type of apparatus between which include tablets, and especially, smartphones. The fashion took her first position as is logical. However, and despite find us malls crowded in the coming days, the truth is that nearly half of all sales in technology taking place during these days, are at home, through portals of online shopping that come about 50% of all users of the network that exist in Spain and according to INE , is located in some 12.5 millions of homes.

2. Black Friday and above all, Black Monday

While begun with Black Friday sales period lasts several days, the truth is that sales results are quite varied during each day. It Friday, coinciding with the opening of this campaign, is generate great part of the income of the same. He year last, only during the first 24 hours, the shops collected more than 40 million of euros. However, the Monday rear, when the signatures pisan the accelerator to exhausting the stock, them prices descend something more, what has as result that in 2015, this day out the authentic protagonist, when them benefits reached them 57 million. would should change the name to the Cyber Monday?

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3. grow the expenditure

Seems that during these days, the people is willing to tighten is slightly the belt if with this can save time, and above all, money, at the time of get their tablets and smartphones of face to the straight end of the year. In the above quote, every consumer who made a purchase during the last weekend of November in our country, spent about 208 euros on average, yielding global benefits of around 150 million euros, an increase of slight, but constant if we reference that in 2014, the figure was just 200. However, this figure is something distant of which can find in them United States, place of origin of the Black Friday and where each citizen spends of media, more than 800 dollars and that allowed to them companies get profit of more than 7,500 million.

4. higher sales in 2016

According to RetailMeNot.com, one of them major portals of purchase by Internet of the world, this year in our country, the Black Friday and the consumption of them days later will grow to double digit concerning the year last. He portal throws that the Friday, the sales will be almost a 12% superior to them of 2015, the Saturday, the increase will be of the 16.7% while the Sunday, the rise will be more modest, coming to the 10.5% approximately. Between them causes of these advances can find a greater competition between firms that forces to has a war of prices to counter to their rival both in stores physical as in channels of purchase by Internet.

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As have seen, this CITES that gets wake the interest of them users through offers of all type, hides crowd of nuances of which you are speaking during the last days. As is about, do you think that during she is can get discounts interesting in tablets and smartphones? You are of those who acquire new products in these days, or not so much look the calendar when purchasing devices for your day to day? You have available more information as for example, a list of the smartphones that more could be sold in the next few days so that you may know more about the preferences of the public. On the other hand, also you have a list with more anecdotes about Black Friday so that you may know more about it.

The article which were data and most striking findings of the last Black Friday? It was published in TabletZona.

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