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What should you keep in mind to buy a Xiaomi with Spanish language?

There is no doubt that the mobile Xiaomi are the most desirable on the market, in any of its ranges, because they are the most cheap or expensive. Its excellent relationship quality price, as well as their good reputation are the perfect cover letter so that any that you are value to buy a mobile phone always has between always count among their candidates a terminal of the Chinese. And as she is not officially sold in Spain we wonder how it is easy to find a Xiaomi with Spanish language.

One of the most prominent news this week in the surroundings of Xiaomi has been the departure of Hugo Barra’s signature, one of their heads, and the leader of the innovation that the brand has been installed and which has resulted in the arrival of terminals as Xiaomi my Mix. But in refers to the purchase of one of the terminals of the firm recently I had to what extent it was easy to buy one of these phones in a store physical in Spain, taking into account that as we say are not sold officially here.

How to identify a Xiaomi with Spanish language?

It is a question that surely much buyers ever have done before you buy a terminal of the Chinese, and the answer is not simple nor much less.

movil Xiaomi

When we go to buy one of these phones is convenient to look at several things, since there are different versions, which are sold in China and which have an international character that offer different characteristics based on the ROM are installed, apart from the language do not have the services of Google Play and that if it is suitable, you can find our installed language.

Here you can know in detail when a mobile Xiaomi comes with Spanish language installed, and therefore where you can buy these models that integrate a factory setting offering as an option our language.

If you’re going to import it is essential to look at this

When we are valuing buy Xiaomi terminal in a foreign shop, usually china, is basic search features and extended description of the terminal making the seller, which languages are included in the ROM that has the mobile that will send us.

Xiaomi ROM

Normally they show it with a screenshot that it details the languages that offers the terminal when we use it for the first time, and if not, is usually to warn that the installed ROM is China and it will only be with that language and English.

The article what you should keep in mind to buy a Xiaomi with Spanish language? It was published in MovilZona.

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