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What new features of the iPhone 7 make that bands the iPhone 6s?

Would what news of the iPhone 7 make that the people leave your iPhone 6s u another smartphone from Apple? According to the latest survey conducted by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, the main features that encourage change are greater autonomy and water resistant casing. In the list of preferences also are pigeonholed details such as a higher quality of the camera or a processor more powerful.

While the degree of innovation and changes experienced by the iPhone 7 will leave indifferent to many potential buyers, especially those in power of an of them latest versions as the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s, there is another percentage of users that is feel interested by the new model. As owners of other generations earlier of iPhone, a survey puts of manifesto what are them main reasons and characteristics that lead to these to acquire the new iPhone 7.

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Test, analysis and opinion of the iPhone 7

New features of the iPhone 7 that are more attractive

What is leading to an owner of an iPhone to buy the new iPhone 7? There are two features of the iPhone well defined 7 that choose the balanceaccording to the survey conducted by Bank of America Merrill Lynch. The first is a greater autonomy. And it is that 65% of respondents proposed a greater battery life as the main reason for purchasing the iPhone 7. Interestingly, the difference in charge between the iPhone 6s and 7 iPhone is just 215 mah.

Another of them features more showy and that more seduces to the potential buyers of the iPhone 7 is the resistance to the water of the housing with certification IP67. After several years with models of other brands with this quality, Apple finally it includes in its standard bearer. Thus, 59% of those interested in the new model claim that it is one of the novelties that prefers its interest when updating your smartphone.

Other innovations of the iPhone 7 that were of interest

54% of respondents committed to improvements in the camera, something that has an impact on the quality of the photographs. To this respect, a 23% confesses update your old iPhone for the Model Plus and its double camera.

Among the renovated features that are placed as determinants for the buyers of the iPhone 7 are being increased internal memory and higher processor power. In the first case, we must remember that the more basic version now has 32 GB, instead of the 16 GB of the previous generation. The truth is that in this sense is a considerable improvement since the Apple model not available slot for external memory cards microSD type.

novedades del iPhone 7 destacadas para su compra

And you, would you agree with the survey? What are your main innovations of the iPhone 7 to purchase the new model and leave what you have now?

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