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What needs the iPad Pro to survive to the Surface and Andromeda

Apple was the company that put the first tablet (as today the understand) in the market with its iPad original in the year 2010. Since then, this device is has become in an authentic icon of our time, while it Platform Android, partly since it most of them products that it make up are more accessible, you gamble the domain of the market to iOS. The iPad Pro now is of give a turned on the concept original, but not it is easy.

It boom of sales of tablets that live from the 2010 to the 2014 has glued a severe slowdown, partly because its cycle of replacement is greater that in them smartphones. To the same time, begins to grow another type of terminal that evidence the made of that the tablet is a great format but need provide is of tools truly capable of produce content and devote is also to the field labor. Windows 10 is the first system with eagerness to universal and Andromeda is presented as a promise of Google that responds to that same need: combine it mobile and the desktop.

iPad Pro, a success? Is it enough?

The ads of the Surface in them last times have tried put in evidence of the made of that add, without more, a keyboard to a screen not is the way optimal of obtain a computer. We have to be frank: the native iPad Pro keyboard is not even as good as some of the Logitech or Belkin. Missing a trackpad, a best system for choose the posture in which want to use the tablet (facing the kickstand) and, especially, is make necessary more ports (many more) if Apple aspires to compete with the Surface. It is not an easy task and all these demands are probably not sufficient per is, but is the minimum basis.

tablet iPad Pro 9.7 manzana

If you choose to keep a line product tablet and another notebook (by speaking more or less generic terms), everything we have said previously, in addition, you need to integrate more possible discrete form. Find you them turns to the design to get (and Apple well know that can do it) it excellence. And it is not, remove the Port Jack.

The great dilemma: would keep iOS?

While Windows 10 and Andromeda seek to integrate experiences, Apple does not seem to have anything similar to a hybrid platform, and all lights oven, paint that Apple only aspires to develop iOS to be equated to the Microsoft platform or what Google wants to be the combination of Android and Chrome OS. Indeed, makes little, in relation to the new Touch Bar, responsible of the Apple have commented that thought in do MacBooks with screen touch, but not you saw the sense.

iPad Pro 9.7 dibujar

Can not be bad option entirely, provided the work of optimization is the right and allow to them developers make versions light perfect of programs heavy, for which also is requires talent. He will never be the same, but for certain types of user, it may be just what you need: the device more light as possible with decent productive tools.

Advantages of the iPad Pro with respect to Andromeda and Surface

Microsoft is the King undeniable of it productivity. You have control over the most important office suite, experience as any other professional field and the Surface begins to be fashionable. On the other hand, Google has Android users, the most widespread system of the planet, both in tablets, for now, as in smartphones. Have it all on the same platform brings undoubted benefits.

iPad Pro vs PC vs Surface

Apple will always have a plus with respect to Google and Microsoft: its brand. The level of involvement of the faithful user of the company with products from Apple is rather with what other large market firms can only dream. In addition, the iPad will remain the device beloved of celebrities and that entails an invaluable advertising, while unimportant tablets (or even very important) manufacturers will continue looking at the appearance of each new iPad to imitate him. That is a suitable strategic advantage that, if well managed, can be unbeatable.

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