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What kind of features prefer a smartphone users?

The market of smartphones currently is, the less varied. The user has different ranges, benefits and, of course, prices. However, what are the most demanding in the field users Preferences ? What screen size is the most accepted? What would improve of smartphones in general? And software applications? The following survey provides us with a perspective of tastes, demands and criticisms that more repeat users more involved with this technology sector.

There is no more convenient tool to know the preferences of users than the polls. And if results are elaborated based on questions asked of people showing an interest above normal by a subject in particular, final statistics put us relief look for more active, restless and demanding users. And what requests this profile of users to those smartphones today? The community of XDA developers, one of the most active and bulky in the matter, responds.Smartphones de distintas marcas

Tastes and needs

Computer graphics developed by XDA highlights the tastes of users, but more specifically what features are the most advantage of smartphones. Thus, one of the first graphic us responds to one more interesting question. What is perfect for your smartphone screen size? A picture is worth a thousand words, so the answer seems obvious. Although there is still a significant amount of users that demand compact screens, the display with more than 5 inches diagonal wins the battle. Noteworthy the fact that the interest in models with screens of 5.5 inches and above rises to more than 22%.

Another interesting question in every day to visitors to the gigantic community of XDA forums is the amount of internal memory which is considered ideal in a smartphone. A most points that the 32 and 64 GB (latter the most demanded with a 40%) are decent capabilities. It is remarkable that 13% indicate that 16 GB it is enough.Encuesta de XDA

The battery and the camera, two pillars

Other statistics of interest of the survey refers to which part would improve the user of your smartphone. In this sense the answer is unanimous with 69%. The battery, low autonomy, is the most hated technical section.

Other parts of the survey also determines that the Chamber is one of the key elements when purchasing a smartphone. Until a 77% indicates that looks very much the quality of the camera at the time of choosing model.

Other data of interest refers to the budget of the users when buying a smartphone. According to collected data, the vast majority seeks to smartphones in a Orchid prices ranging from 200 to $400.

You can see the rest of the survey in computer graphics to actual size that you can download from this link.

Encuesta sobre smartphones

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