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What is the maximum level in Pokemon GO? This player has reached level 40

What is the maximum level that can be achieved in Pokémon Go? This question not is the first time that appears on our website. Already in the past we recurríamos her when we showed the rewards obtained by the first player to reach level 30 on the Nintendo title. Now all that far behind to meet the first user that reaches level 40 in the game, making return to ask… What is the highest level in Pokemon?

Already have spoken long and laying of an of the worst features of the game, that not is another that the slowness that sifren them users to upload of level in the game. A time exceeded the level 20, the things is again tired complicated to go increasing the experience. In fact we already announced previously that at least half a million XP were necessary to progress from level 30 to level 31.

The user of Reddit _problemz has been the first in reaching this level with the objective of knowing what is the maximum level in Pokemon GO. For this he has earned a bot that has allowed him to acquire the necessary experience to reach level 40 surprisingly quickly.  According to has explained the player, the objective of this bot was get the maximum number of Pokemon possible without have to travel large distances. The rest arrived after making a disbursement of 45 euros to buy items that allow you to bend the XP how 125 lucky eggs

That Yes, at least the ‘player’ rejection to lead any gym not to impede the gaming experience of other users seeking to reach the highest level in Pokemon GO legally.

nivel 40 pokemon go

Awards of level 40 in Pokémon GO

The screenshots provided by Reddit users show that upon reaching level 40, the highest level in Pokémon GO to date, got nothing more and nothing less than 40 Ultraballs, 40 berries, incense, lucky 4 eggs 4 modules, 4 modules bait, incubators, potions of reviving and many other objects. lure and other items after reaching level 40.

The following screenshot shows some of the Pokemon he picked up along the way thanks to the bot used with the Nintendo title. A bot of which is unknown its operation, because the player has preferred not reveal as has got cheat to the game to reach the level 40.

pokemon maximo nivel

So far, only one person in the United States managed to collect all the Pokémon GO characters available in the country in the first two weeks after its launch. On that occasion the player reached only level 31.

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