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What is more like 7 iPhone and what is hated

It may be because it is Friday or because going is we summer definitely, but seeing the survey that has made the company Aspectiva we could not more than draw a smile and want to share it with you to, in addition, to open this debate that surely will be interesting and that will tell us what like iPhone 7 as well as what more hate.

Aspectiva, we can not deny it, has been much tino sending a day like today a survey that, he really wants to do is to teach us how your company is capable of carrying out opinion polls and press the sentiment of buyers online about a product.

And which product is which is now on everyone’s lips and wake up more hatred and love? Without a doubt, 7 Apple iPhone. The company reveals a curious computer graphics, and until say, ‘ you no, the truth is that a sample of 1,000 shoppers online 7 iPhone cannot be “representative”, especially when we don’t know the segmentation has been done.

These caveats, Aspectiva indicates that among online shoppers, 74% were attracted by the proposal of Apple and 26% rejected it. These percentages are the less we believe but what comes next, without being exact, if that can be something that is closer to reality.

infografía cosas que gustan y que no del iphone 7

What is that more like of the iPhone 7

And that is, starting with the good, unlike in computer graphics, what like iPhone 7 new design Jet Black, glossy black – while the own Apple and tests have shown is quite delicate – as well as the innovations that have improved the camera – say that it is the best on the market is a bit daring moment – or water-resistant which as we discussed yesterday, nor with the iPhone 7 nor with any other submersible is good idea to bathe.

Finally, the most subjective element is when it says that of the most interesting thing is that it is “your favorite iPhone to date”.

iPhone 7 y iPhone 7 Plus jet black

What more he is “hates” 7 iPhone

We went to the other side, to which many would call the “haters”. These have also an opinion that agrees fairly with criticisms, some the iPhone 7 and other historic Apple phones. To begin with, to bite Apple lovers praise the model Jet Black, some people not see something attractive in this new version.

In fact, manifest than the iPhone directly inherited 7, iPhone design 6-6s, is poor or maybe little innovative. Also comment that it does not provide the necessary value for the price which has in addition to criticize the of the microSD slot or Mini-Jack port failure. They tops critics attacking the autonomy of Apple, something that likely mind teams, it is questionable by many.

And you, you think?

We already gave our opinion after the release through this article (where incidentally, started a polite and interesting debate which we hope will be repeated here also.) In the end, it does not each one tastes?):

So, now we invite you to leave them all in this story, what you think it is more like 7 iPhone and what is hate?

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