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What can you bring to Google to leave behind the Nexus series?

As I have reminded in other occasions, in electronics of consumption, nothing is eternal and not there are rules fixed. He failure of terminals in which their manufacturers had deposited large expectations, changes sudden in the behavior of the market and them habits of consumption, or the emergence of trends that had remained in them drawers, are some samples of the capacity of transformation of a field in which with great frequency see new stands, advances and the incorporation or output of all type of actors. From public specialized to companies that had remained in a second flat to make little.

The older technology of the world are which have a greater capacity of action to interfere in this field. A example can see it in Google, that through Android or of Project Tango, is has consolidated on the one hand, in the land of them systems operating to the be the software more used of the world, and by another, in the land of the reality virtual, where will assist to changes important in the short term. In devices, those of Mountain View could be thinking of leaving aside the series Nexus. Then we told you more about it and we say what could be its impact on handsets launched by the search engine in the next few months.

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The situation of Nexus

The trajectory of them terminals designed by Google has State full of ups and downs in the past years. For 2015, the number of units sold of them devices that form part of the family Nexus descended a 3% regard to 2014. However, this had no repercussions on income of the of Mountain View, which increased during the previous year. One of the possible causes of this descent, in the price of smartphones, that in cases such as the Nexus 6, exceeded the 600 euros in the the market. However, in 2016, the trend has been invested due to other factors such as the manufacture of terminals has gone to firms that have increased their share of the market such as Huawei.

A fact serves to illustrate this trend: according to the portal MovilZona, during the first months of 2016, the Nexus 6 p became one of the best-selling terminals in more than 60 countries , along with other terminals of the technology china as Matt S.

Novedades Android 7.1

The decision

Focusing on what I discussed above, sites like Androidcentral echoed in that in the next few months, Google would be called Nexus to their upcoming releases. The reason of weight for this change of strategy would be the made of that those of Mountain View want to control all the process of production of new devices. From design, to manufacture, which until now, has run on the part of Asian firms such as for example, HTC.

Phablets Google

In them next models released by the company, all points to let of see the characteristic “Nexus” of them covers later. However, this is not the only change, since with the new system of production, and in order to position itself better on the market, the Google not only incorporated series Android Nougat, but that also would add a number of additional features that other terminals equipped with this software would not have. The ambitions of the creators of the search engine want to go a step further: become one of the largest manufacturers in the world and obtain independence from the rest of companies that collaborated for years.

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When we could see the first smartphones Google?

While many specialised portals around the world, assume that this change will end up producing more soon than later, the truth is that none of them dares to venture a definite date for this transition. Until its final landing, we could see some clues that would indicate it would be something gradual, an example can be found in Marlin, the next member of the family, manufactured by HTC and that on its cover could lead carved the G Google rather than the logo of the Taiwanese firm and which would be accompanied by Sailfish. As tends to be normal, the time is take care of clear all these unknowns.

As we have seen before, Google hopes to become a full-fledged manufacturer to control the entire process of manufacturing of their devices. With this measure, could place is as one of those actors more important not only with regard to the system operating. After learning more about the path that could follow the search engine in the next few months at least, in the field of smartphones, do you think it may be a wise decision that can lead to solve one of the most criticized of the Nexus series and which are related to their cost? Do you think that it will have to wait for the results of this decision could have some impact both positive and negative? You have available more information as for example, what can we expect from the new phablet that we could see the company in fall so you can say to yourselves.

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