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We will not have my Xiaomi Nano Mix… for now

“Never, never, never…” These words of Florentine Perez denying the signing of David Beckham by the Real Madrid makes more than 10 years back to our mind to the listen to the Director of Marketing of the company Chinese say that the Xiaomi my Mix Nano not is in them future plans of presentation or marketing of the signature.

More small, with the same design without the presence of bevels, with a CPU Snapdragon 821, 4 GB RAM and storage internal of 64 GB. So pray them features of the Xiaomi my Mix Nano that takes days sailing by the gossip of Internet. Now seems that all is a lie according to is extracted from them words of Zang Zhiyuan, director of marketing of Xiaomi who says in Weibo it next:

“No there is no product as the Xiaomi my Mix Nano, but other companies may be using this name as trick promotional”


Just this morning we knew more details about the device in the form of a new photograph of Xiaomi my Nano Mix where the current mascot of Xiaomi reflected. This image appears after other real photographs where appeared the your ‘ put next smartphone brand next to the current Mix my Xiaomi.

Farewell to Xiaomi Mi Mix Nano?

All those who are accustomed to dealing with rumors and leaks of any kind know that there is no further confirmation that a denial in time. This could be the case of the Nano Mix my Xiaomi, a terminal that we’ve already seen too many images and we have known quite a few specifications so that it is a mere illusion.

imagen del Xiaomi Mi MIx Nano

Another brand maybe we could doubt, but a company as usual Xiaomi to release multiple versions of the same device, as como asi as well as with the Mi4 Mi4i Xiaomi, Mi4c, Mi4s, Xiaomi Mi5, Mi5s, future Xiaomi Mi5c and the range of models redmi; We sorpenderia that are not launched different models of the smartphone that has most caught the attention in recent years, as well as enough has happened with Xiaomi my Mix.

This same tomorrow appeared new data that pointed out that the smartphone denied by the Director of Marketing of the company will see the light the first weeks of December. Will be then when know with total security if are before a lantern of Zang Zhiyuan or if effectively we are left without the version Compact of the smartphone without marcos of the manufacturer Chinese.

The article does not have Xiaomi my Mix Nano… by now is published in MovilZona.

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