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We tested the module Hasselblad for the camera of the Moto Z

This morning we had a time with the camera of the Moto Z of Lenovo and its MotoMods, coinciding with the launch in Spain of which I have given good account and informed of the prices that will have teams in our country. We already knew the smartphones weeks ago but we could finally put his hands on one of their modules more interesting, the Moto Z camera signed by Hasselblad.

An of them things more interesting of them new Moto Z of Lenovo-that difficult is leave of call them Motorola-is that have with the possibility of expanding their possibilities. And indeed, to see as us can change use it or not, first will review the capabilities of the camera of them Moto Z.

Moto Z camera is 13 MP with optical stabilization and F/1.8. In the case of the Moto Z Force that rises to them 21 MP, also with OIS and PDAF besides the same opening for the Moto Z Force. If you want to see them chips technical of both teams, you invite to pass by the comparator where them can put front.

As happened with the G5 LG, Lenovo has joined special accessories truck to improve capabilities and that’s where come bike Mods, modules for the Moto Z among them that of the Hasselblad camera, which we have been able to prove today.

What brings the MotoMod Hasselblad to the camera of the Moto Z

This module features a BSI CMOS sensor of 1/2.3 inches (the same size as the of the Xiaomi Mi5s we’ve seen today) and 12 MP. Its lens has an opening maximum of F / 3.5 in addition that the size of its pixels is of 1.55 microns (again, repeats the figure of the Xiaomi Mi5s).

moto z force dorado y negro

Is capable of recording with resolution FullHD to 30 fps but it interesting of this module, that has with the seal of Hasselblad, is that us allows modify the approach, since is manual- and already entered in things that not have normally in a mobile-. Features with zoom optical, balance of white, ISO and exposure although not can modify the speed of shutter. Also provides a flash of Xenon, something very interesting for the photo night and quite best that use them of LED, being capable of save the photos in format DNG (Digital Negative), i.e., in RAW.

More “pro” transforms the bike Z camera on one already

The result with the really interesting and above all for anyone who wants to transform your mobile into a camera that compact remarkable performance and, in addition, connected. On the other hand, what we miss is that do not have their own battery, so in a continuous use we have the doubt which would suffer from the mobile phone that is in charge of supplying the power for the entire system. Nor has its own storage space, but that is not as bad and since it has so many elements, makes the whole climb weight significantly.

The article we tested the module Hasselblad for Moto Z camera was published in MovilZona.

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