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We consult an expert you need to know about the new terms and conditions of WhatsApp

Next Sunday will expire the term offered by Facebook to accept the new terms and conditions of WhatsApp. Let us remember that the past 25 August were modified by introducing many changes and variations, including the transfer of the data of our profile of WhatsApp to the Group of companies in turning to the social network. Thus, those who postponed the acceptance of the terms of use can be seen in the frame of mind of what will happen if they refuse to accept the amendments proposed once after the deadline. MovilZona has been in contact with experts in legal services on new technologies to know in depth the impact that may result in the refusal to such contractual upgrade.

Many of you will remember the dialog box that appeared from August 25 in WhatsApp interface. This specified a change of the terms of use and privacy policy of the service and the option of accepting them. At first glance nothing to come out of the normal, but discussed point by point was patent of the great impact that had. So they do this we know from the website specialising in legal services, terms and conditions, where disaggregated detail with both changes, modifications and parts that would be kept intact.

Just the term and intensify the doubts

At that time would have those who accepted the new terms and conditions of WhatsApp without regard to more, but there was also plenty of users who, suspicious of their privacy and to the questions raised, they pospusiesen the decision. However, the time to decide is about to end. It will be next Sunday, September 25. Before the close of the day marked by WhatsApp, very likely the situation generate you lots of doubts.Términos y condiciones de WhatsApp

Facebook can access our telephone number of WhatsApp

Do I have to accept the new terms and conditions of WhatsApp to use the app? Can I lose my account if I don’t? To what I can deny? Faced with all these questions and other uncertainties, MovilZona has decided to discuss the subject in depth with experts in the field. For this work we have counted with the help of Jorge Morell Ramos (@jorge_Morell). This person behind is a specialist in law that provides legal services through the portal terms and conditions. It has responded to all our questions to clarify any loophole that can generate the new terms and conditions of WhatsApp.

You must agree to the new terms and conditions of WhatsApp

There is a sharp point. According to Jorge Morell, it is necessary to accept the new terms and conditions of WhatsApp, whatever at the time. Otherwise, as specified point 7 of paragraph “Others” (“If you do not agree to our terms and as amended, you must stop using our services.”) you can not keep using WhatsApp.Opción de compartir datos con facebook

However, the notification with the change of conditions of WhatsApp includes another vital part of amendments which, according to Morell, is hidden and poorly presented to show marked by default. This is none other than the possibility of sharing your information with Facebook and the family of associated companies (among which are Oculus and Instagram) for commercial purposes, allowing these to show advertising and products based on your profile information. Users who register with WhatsApp prior to August 25, date in which reported the new terms and conditions of WhatsApp, if you can uncheck this option. However, it does not imply not assign personal profile information in order to improve the service, safety and other matters deemed by the company. As for users who arrive later, WhatsApp no longer allows this possibility, so it can automatically be used without exception.

So, in conclusion, if you want to continue using WhatsApp normally, you have to accept the new terms and conditions of WhatsApp. Otherwise, the company has the right to cancel or block your account. However, there is still some uncertainty about the position of the company in this respect. Actually will it block the account to anyone that does not pass through the hoop? Taking into account that may be many those who have forgotten the theme and do not accept the conditions once after the deadline, since terms and conditions are somewhat expectantly and advocating an extension of the time limit to block the account.

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