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Watermind, free as App of the week

We have been already a few weeks in which Apple had been giving us games that pass a few when less than our leisure hours, and now comes the time to give us the opportunity to enjoy an application with a more serious purpose, which is to take care of our health: we present, Watermind, the new App of the week in the App Store.

A new help to better care for our health

There is no doubt that mobile devices can help us to squeeze the most practically every facet of our lives, but one of the sections in which it seems that it may be more useful, or at least one in which manufacturers and developers are turning especially, is health.

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The most common, however, are applications that move on the border between health and esthetics, more specifically dedicated to controlling our diet or our regime of physical exercise. This application could be placed in this line, to some extent at least, but makes it a target that normally do not we pay as much attention to address: achieve proper hydration.

The importance of staying hydrated

And is that at this stage all we already know the importance that has the water for life in general and for our organism in particular (are largely nothing more than water, after all) and we have to try to maintain a good level of hidratacion not only for health reasons, but as noted in the previous section even aesthetic. Drinking enough water is, without doubt, an indispensable accompaniment of a good diet and an active lifestyle.

But how to know how much water is enough? Here is where this WaterMind can help us, since calculations based on our physical state and our goals helps us to find the correct figure and helps us to achieve it every day, with customizable reminders are common in this type of applications. Simple, but effective.

Free for a limited time

Taking into account that we are at the beginning of year and surely many will have among its purposes for 2017 to lead a life a little over a week, we have nothing to lose by take the opportunity to let us with free WaterMind and check if it can actually help us to do it ourselves. Remember, that Yes, the promotion will last only until next Thursday.

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Earrings us, as always, continue to bring you the most interesting news iPad apps.

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