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Vodafone already offers free roaming 4G in 100 countries

Yesterday same us did echo of the shy introduction of Orange in the land of the roaming free, an aspect in which Vodafone already carries certain advantage on others operators. Roaming will play to an end at the end of the next 2017, and to the Elimination of this type of rates the various companies are acting differently. In the case of Vodafone today have known that its offer of roaming free also affects now to its network 4 G and that also already is available in anything less that 100 countries.

The roaming has given many headaches of head to those users that have used the mobile out of our borders and that is have found with some bills inflated by this consumption in the overseas. These scares will play to its end the next year and some companies as Vodafone is anticipated to this offering roaming free in all its rates mobile.

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Roaming free in networks 4 G Vodafone

Now Vodafone responds to the rate Kangaroo family with roaming free that announced yesterday Orange with the extension of this rate free also to those networks 4 G in the foreign. Until now Vodafone offered the roaming free in countries of the Union European over Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Albania, Turkey and the United States.

vodafone 4G

Now the free roaming for Vodafone customers extends to 4 G networks and reach many more countries, such as Thailand, Ecuador, Colombia, Dominican Republic or La India. With them agreements reached with other operators, Vodafone Gets offer roaming free in networks 4 G in 100 countries, where their customers may use normally their rates national to navigate by internet or use data with any application without have that wait costs exaggerated in the invoice and keeping them same rates.


He use of these networks 4 G with roaming free not implies any adjustment additional in them phones, since those users only will have that find is in a place with it enough coverage and own a terminal with connectivity LTE, the last software installed next to a card SIM that is compatible. With these simple requirements Vodafone users will have free roaming on networks 4G from the five continents. It is certainly a great coup by Vodafone, which is the operator that has made further commitments with a roaming shall be free for all at the end of next year.

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