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Vernee lands with a new phablet determined to unseat the big

When talking about the evolution of tablets and smartphones in recent years, we have major advances in General. These changes can result, for example, in the incorporation of new materials on terminals which increase its resistance, processors and connections that leave the fastest in earlier stages in the obsolescence, or also, an increase in the resolutions of image and cameras that allow devices to integrate new technologies such as virtual reality. As we have seen on other occasions, these updates do not occur only in the higher models on the market, but it can also be seen, with its lights and shadows, in the media and even in the more affordable.

A time more, the firms Chinese seek to be the spearhead. However, still must make facing the leadership of other companies Asian with a greater trajectory in the time and that got expand is to the rest of the world with strength in the last. Vernee is one of these technological country of the great wall that seeks to shake the sector through phablets as Mars, which has landed a few days ago and which, according to its creators, can offer a performance worthy of the best at a much more affordable price. Did you succeed?

vernee mars


In this field highlight two features: the first, is its housing completely metal, the second, is your screen, that apura them frames side until almost eliminate them. The fingerprint reader, located in one of the upper corners, has a response time of only 0.1 seconds. Its dimensions are 151, 6 × 73 mm approximately and has an acceptable thickness 7.6 mm. According to the photographs that already are have published, it new of Vernee would be available in several tones as the Golden, the black and the grey.


These benefits have enabled portals around the world have been compared to Mars with the latest iPhone. Since in addition to being equipped with a diagonal of 5.5 inch with Full HDresolution, this is accompanied by In-Cell technology, which in theory reduces glare and noise of image at the same time offering a more realistic color. In the cameras us find with the participation of Sony and Samsung. The first has been commissioned to manufacture rear lens, which reaches the 13 Mpx, while the South Korean company equipped with the front sensor, reaching 5.

vernee mars phablet


These benefits can serve as indicator to encompass the terminal within any of the categories. However, your membership to the range high or rather, among them devices more high within the sector medium can generate disparity of opinions. On the one hand, counts with a processor helium P10, made by Mediatek and that reaches maximum of 2 Ghz. On the other hand, we find a 4 GB RAM, which is not the most powerful, but which ensures a successful implementation of processes and that brings with it an initial 32 GB expandable through Micro SD card storage capacity.

Operating system

At the time of talk you of others phablets Made in China, you have commented that it most often add layers of customization of development own to any of them latest versions of Android. In this case, we find Marshmallow, that it would add no major innovation in this regard. In terms of connectivity, not noted for supporting 3 G or 4 Gnetworks, but by the fact that Jack has to type C USB which also allows to connect headphones that it prevents the loss of sound and optimizes the quality of the tracks according to their manufacturers.

verne mars carcasa


Although still not is have given more details about the duration of them loads in them different modes of use, is known that the battery of it phablet of Vernee will be with a capacity of 3,000 mAh that, despite place is within it half, incorporates a technology of load fast created by the same company, called V-Charge and that in 30 minutes allows get to the 50%.

Availability and price

Currently, Mars does not is to the sale in stores official or portals of sale by Internet. The only channel passes through the website of the company, which can be reserved for a price of 220 euros which subsequently has a discount of about 40. However, should take into account that the number of units available with this condition is reduced and reaches only a few hundred.

What’s new in this technological china is balanced at sight and one example of the steps that are little by little, the signatures of the Asian country aimed at improving the quality of their products without sacrificing the price too. Do you think that Mars could be a good option within the range average that could compete without problems both with the existing in this field as among some of the most powerful models? Do you think it is a terminal adjusted in all directions which, however, could not meet the expectations of the most demanding users? You have more information about other models released by the company as Apollo so that you may know what else we can see Vernee hand available.

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