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Vente TecNavidad 2016, the more solidarity party full of gifts

Always you are telling that have gone to this or another presentation or Conference. However, TecNavidad 2016 is an event for you to participate in the initiative more solidarity in the technology sector and, in addition, you can take home succulent gifts.

TecNavidad 2016 has the motto “Sport” helping, help having fun, and it’s a feast of the technological sector to which are all invited and that are appointment and you can put face journalists – as all the wording of group ADSLZone-, directors of firms, communication managers and agencies – if you want to see how we had last year , just have that follow the hashtag #TecNavidad in Twitter, and of step, knowing all that is are involving in 2016-.

But not is an event only to spend it well between us, the end of TecNavidad 2016, as each year, is solidarity and not is another that raise funds, in this occasion for, the Foundation Jaime Alonso Abruña and the dining social of them daughters of the charity.

gente en tecnavidad 2015

Atmosphere in the room Cats in Tecnavidad 2015

TecNavidad 2016: music, much solidarity but also fun, “snacks” and gifts

And is that TecNavidad 2016, despite being an event solidarity, is an of them dating more interesting of the year and that is open to all that wants to come. The date is the next 14 of December from them 21:30 in the room Cats of Madrid, that is located to the height of the number 4 of the street Julian Romea.

Them tickets already are to the sale in Ticketea and cost 10 euros with what will have access to the event, the catering that is will serve-i.e., food and drink van of has of the Organization 😉- and a number for the draw of hundreds of items donated by them brands participating. If not can come but like collaborate, also there is open a “row 0” in which you can make a donation of 5 euros for the cause.

regalos en tecnavidad

In the event can buy more ballots -whose fundraising going full to it cause social chosen this year-for the draw and so increase your possibilities of carry you a gift of Christmas under the arm. And I warn you, in previous years we have had from consoles last generation, most interesting smartphones and a long list of consumer electronics products, so we recommend to those who come to you to carry you over one number – in addition, perhaps fall I what are both waiting.

banda UHBS en tecnavidad 2015

Musical note put it the band UBHS, of which they are members Marcos Sierra and Enrique Pascual, both partners of Indie PR, together with Javier Sanz, our CEO in the ADSLZone group to the guitar.

The wording in full of MovilZona already has its entrance so we hope to see us in person at TecNavidad 2016 , which is the most supportive technological feast of the year are you going to lose?

Buy here your tickets (and those of your friends 😉) TecNavidad 2016

The article come to TecNavidad 2016, the more solidarity party full of gifts was published in MovilZona.

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