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Users report problems in the Apple AirPods during calls

Does not fail, whenever a new Apple product reaches the market, then the support pages are filled with comments from users who expose problems with the article in question. However, while some are the result of ignorance of the use of a specific handset or accessory, it seems that the recent problems of the Apple AirPods could represent a problem for the company.

Apple is investigating several reports of owners of AirPods that allege that them headphones are disconnected and return to connect, completely to the random during the calls, according to can read is in them forums of support of it company of Cupertino. Apparently the users of them headphones denounce that there are problems in them Apple Airopods, since with regularity is experience failures of connection Bluetooth during them calls telephone, what has generated a thread of discussion in MacRumors and in it own page of Apple.

While them headphones wireless almost never lose their connection when is used to listen music u another type of content, not would happen it same at the time of use the application of phone. Thus it ensures different users on the pages mentioned:

“The problem of the Apple AirPods has recurred in two telephone calls today itself.” I’m talking about and suddenly the audio changes to the phone, while past a few seconds back to headphones. The situation is repeated throughout the call, what becomes uncomfortable.”

apple airpods

Seems that the problem of the AirPods of Apple is limited to them devices iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Plus, since several users claim that not there is trace of this failure in an iPhone 7. The first clues about the problem are running a failure when it comes to match multiple devices with the iPhone via Bluetooth, such as their own headphones and Apple Watch or any other smartband.

The Apple AirPods, among lights and shadows

We expect Apple to soon find a solution to the problem of the AirPods and that it is resolved with a software update, since where necessary to repair this device already we warned in the past that the headphones are completely irreparable due to its design. Is by this that if outside a problem physical, Apple should facilitate to the users units of replacement before the impossibility of repair them AirPods.

Another problem in which are involved the Apple Airpods is the fact that the charging of wireless accessories company base loses up to 40% of its load while at rest, when the amount of energy should not decrease while the headphones not are charging.

The article users denounce the Apple AirPods problems during calls was published in MovilZona.

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