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Update 7 Android Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 would arrive this month

The theme of updates is more and more recurrent when buying a mobile phone. Want a user that your mobile has enough life, and updates have much to do in this regard, since while more time is updated a mobile, better it will go past the years. The news that us arrives today is sobre the update of Android 7 for the Samsung Galaxy A5 2016, that would be very close.

We mentioned yesterday about Google announcing Android 7.1.2 for some of their devices. Meanwhile, there are some manufacturers that have not yet updated their terminals Android 7.0 Nougat, and this is the fault of the defragmentation suffering Android to renew each very little, without leaving time to manufacturers, who have their own customization layers, work on it. Today we are going to discuss another mobile Samsung which, apparently, is very nearly Android 7.

7 Android Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 will arrive in February

This year, can say that Samsung is has ported quite well with the theme of the updates compared with other years. Have seen as, for the range high, has decided start a program of betas so all them users of the S7 and S7 Edge can try the last update of Android, although suffering also, occasionally, some that other failed, to the not be the version finished. Still, not have seen any confirmation official from Samsung for them updates in the range middle, but today, is has filtered an image that us indicates when come Android 7 for the Samsung Galaxy A5 2016.

Android 7 para el Samsung Galaxy A5 2016

As we can see in the picture, the Samsung Galaxy A5 2016, which is right now with Touchwiz under Android 6.0.1, is being tested with the latest version of Android. Also can see as is expected that is finished for the month of February, by what all their users may have this update in a few weeks. Last year, Samsung even updated some midrange terminals, and that Yes, made them quite late. This year we are seeing how is updated almost at the same time that the S7 and S7 Edge.

That change TouchWiz with Android 7.0 Nougat?

This update will bring some other improves important to Samsungcustomization layer. We’ll see how in the notifications panel is changed completely, a mixture between TouchWiz and Android 7. We will see a better performance of the terminal, as well as better management of the battery which will give us more hours of screen. Also, we will have the novelty of the multi-view, yes it is true that Samsung already implemented in your customization layer some time ago, but that it did not have all the terminals, or you could do with all applications.

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