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Up to 7 mobile would come to get Nokia this year

Nokia is an of those companies that never is dared to advance, and is by this that it was stagnant. More than ten years ago we could see as one of the companies that more smartphones manufactured and sold in the market was Nokia, but when Android came, they thought that both Android phones and touch phones had no future, and it is why decided to continue investing in phones with keys.

With the passage of the years they realized their error and began to bet on touch phones working with Windows. Makes little, already could see as Nokia got it patita in the system operating of Google with a tablet, but seems to be that this year, finally, it will be in mobile.

7 phones of range low, medium and high

An of the brands that more hope see this year get their smartphones is Nokia. We want to see of what is able to this company with the system operating from Google. Makes some weeks, us arrived rumors about his possible arrival to Android with 5 phones, but today have could know that will take between 6 and 7 phones along 2017.


The filtration that us has arrived has been an image of a presentation of a distributor official of Nokia in Malaysia. In this presentation, can see what is what can expect in this year, and say that there will be of 6 to 7 phones Nokia, that will come out in the second quarter of the year. These phones would be destined to different ranges, since you mentioned that it will have range of entry, mid-range and high-end, so we assume that will have at least two smartphones from each range.

The first Nokia would be a mid range

7 phones that would take Nokia, have already leaked almost all of the details of the first one. This Smartphone would be destined to the middle range and would come with the name of D1C. It would come with a screen Android 7.0 and FullHD resolution Nougat with a layer of very similar to native Android personalization.

The only thing that we have to do now is to wait and see what we have prepared Nokia. Don’t expect a revolutionary design, nor that your terminal is the most sold, but it is true that on his return to the mobile, since collaboration with Windows it let many people a little disappointed.

The article until 7 mobile would come to get Nokia this year is published in MovilZona.

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