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Ultimate Guitar Tabs: combines learning and music on your tablet

On other occasions, I have mentioned that the education sector has undergone major changes in recent years at the hands of tablets and smartphones. The incorporation of these supports in the classroom, has been accompanied by the possibility of training more personalized in dozens of fields thanks to the multitude of applications that teach us from marketing to programming through areas such as math, science or even music.

The existence of this type of platforms, also has fostered the creativity and the made of that now, the acquisition of knowledge can make is of way more self-taught for million of users of all the world. In this line of tools we find some as Ultimate Guitar Tabs, addressed to lovers of music who want to learn to play the strings as professionals.

ultimate guitar tabs interfaz


At first glance, this platform offers more than 400,000 chords and scores of thousands of songs of different styles and eras. According to its creators, the tracks database is expanding every day. One of the strengths of Ultimate Guitar Tabs is the fact that can be used without the need for connection to the Internet and which not only boasts tablature for guitar, but also for other variants as the ukulele, growing in popularity in recent years.

Personalized learning

As mentioned above, all of these tools offer an acquisition of skills adapted to the level of skill of each user. In the case of this application, we have different levels that are aimed both at public wishing to learn from scratch, to users more professionals who already have advanced notions of music, reading scores and positions. A remarkable feature is that it allows to print the chords that we select.


Ultimate Guitar Tabs has an initial cost of 10 cents on Google Play. The payment of a sum is commonplace in many educational applications. With more than 10 million downloads, users have criticized some aspects such as the integrated shopping to get access to more songs and which can reach the 10 euros per item, or also, the presence of advertising that causes a slow and uncomfortable performance of the application.

WP-Appbox: Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords (€0.10*, Google Play) →

As you have seen, the music and their learning figure prominently within the educational tools for tablets and smartphones. Do you think that we we have an app that can be useful? Do you think that there are other free that can offer better results? Have available more information on other similar as Triller so can know more options.

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