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U Ultra: we already know of the phablet that HTC will receive to 2017

2017 just boot and in the race for the leadership and obtaining a good position in the market, the line returns to draw for a lot of companies. The fact that the exercise of 2016 is already finished, can be something beneficial for a significant amount of brands that have been seen in recent months, or the behavior of the sector itself, or on the other hand, a lack of lace between the public, have limited their possibilities and have given results that did not correspond with the expectations raised in the bosom of their own technology.

During the straight end of the year last, did a review on what could see in 2017 in tablets and smartphones of greater size and how is located these advances in the new terminals that out to the sale. Today we are going to focus us on companies specific as HTC. The Taiwanese, who would be in the process of finalizing the presentation of its new device, which would finally receive the name of U Ultra, seems to be willing to lose ground to Asian rivals. You have what is what already is known about this model and how could interpret is some of their features already revealed with regard to them strategies that the brand could follow.

htc phablets

The balance of 2016

Waiting to publish data from the last quarter of the year in regards to sales, profits and market share, we can do a brief summary of the history of HTC during the previous months. In summer, you had that during the summer period of 2016, the technological benefits amounted to about EUR 500 million. This figure was half that achieved in the same period in 2015. The fall of sales over the last year, close to 40%, was the main cause of this drop. Once again, the thrust of Chinese firms and on the other hand, certain saturation in the segment where HTC primarily works: mid-range, seemed to be the other two responsible for the economic situation of the company.

Get U Ultra

It seems that in 2017, the large terminals will be protagonists in tablets and smartphones. In the case of the signature taiwansea, the reference would be U Ultra, that previously is had speculated with that had another name: Ocean Note. But, what will be the characteristics that will allow to this model compete’s way effective? From portals as MovilZona ensure that still not there are too many details about this model but however, already is has revealed that will be with a screen large, of 6 inch and that will have in them benefits of image, especially, in them cameras, one of their major claims.

u ultra frontal

See the light in the Vegas?

January is the date chosen for the celebration of an of them fairs technological more important of the world: the CES, that will take place in the city of them casinos between them days 5 and 8. While is foreseeable that HTC has something that show in the event, it true is that since MovilZona return to affirm that the U Ultra will be presented of way official the day 12.

Other features revealed

For the moment, little is known of this beyond phablet of some features such as which I have quoted earlier. All indications are that this new HTC phablet would have Dual SIM, something already consolidated, and that would also be available in various shades: white, black, and blue. Connectivity would be one of its strong points to be equipped with a type C high speed USB. However, the most striking would come by Suppression of the minijack port as it collects Phonearena.

u ultra pantalla

Can we guess the direction of HTC through U Ultra?

With the data already known about the new smartphone of the Taiwanese company, we can see clear two things: the first, in 2017, the minijack will lose prominence in favour of other types of ports such as to other brands are also shuffling its elimination in future models. The second, and that already could check on the straight end of 2016 is the made of that HTC will continue to betting by devices of great size as could see with some models of the series Desire. The diversification seem be another of them objectives of the technological, that, while expected lance the U Ultra in the segment medium, would have with others devices with which would compete in it more high belonging to the range that you mentioned makes some lines. Currently, one of them ship logo is the HTC 10.

He point of inflection?

Is Loopy make predictions about what will be the path of HTC this year. However, the bet by some best properties of image as I have before and that could be the base for new devices that count with advances as the reality Virtual, could be any of them bazas used by this brand. On the other hand, the made of that U Ultra is large, could be another indicator that serve to reveal that in matter of resolution and quality at the time of play all type of content, it new of the signature Asian nor would be back. As tends to be normal, the time will serve to clear all these unknowns.

As have seen, so only a few hours after start the year, already are being witnesses of the ad of several terminals that ensure ones first months frantic. Think that U Ultra will mark a before and a then in the trajectory of HTC or believe that is soon to make any affirmation? Have available more information related as such, what us comes from MovilZona about them possible cameras with which could count this model and that would be of them more powerful to day of today.

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