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Two Dots, what does a long game to be popular?

In the field of games and applications that we find every day in catalogs for our tablets and smartphones, is something like what is happening in the world of fashion. What suddenly appears as a global trend that will enjoy success for the rest of its history, can suddenly deflate and lose the appeal that has made him reach the top and on the other hand, also can check the opposite phenomenon and see how the product created by some developers can have, at first , a discreet welcome, but with the passage of time, advance positions in the race for the leadership.

If we talk about titles that have reached the top and remain in this dominant position, we find works as a Clash of Clans or Candy Crush, which have years present among millions of players and they have seen dozens of other games inspired by them that seek to emulate his career arise. However, can also find others as Two Dots, which also carries a time between us and that, despite not having figures of such high downloads, also has managed to gain a foothold thanks to features like that I discussed below.


Again, simplicity is the key to this game. We get into the skin of points inseparable that must move through the world overcoming different levels in which the objective is to draw lines between the poles of colors from start to goal. However, little by little this task will be complicated. To continue, we will be acquiring skills such as the creation of explosives that will eliminate obstacles.

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At first glance, it may seem that Two Dots is boring and monotonous. However, it has more than 735 levels framed in a successful visual and sound atmosphere which, combining elements of indie theme with a few good graphics and colorful illustrations, show us places around the world that contribute to create a gaming experience that has been lauded by millions of players.


This title has no cost. However, there is a major limitation that has burdened his success among the users, and that translates into a shopping integrated that can reach 40 euros per element. The acquisition of these products may be required to access some additional elements and functions that allow to move forward during the levels.

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Do you think that Two Dots offers something different games on the same topic? You have available more information about other similar titles such as Brain Dots so that you can say to yourselves.

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