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Two dangerous vulnerabilities discovered in the mobile LG

Two researchers at computer security firm Check Point have discovered two vulnerabilities that affect some of the mobile LG comes integrated in the interface which offer Korean brand devices and are a potential hazard given that allow attacks from phishing and the terminals brickeo.

LayerOne conference, there have been two vulnerabilities have been found in the interface, at least five mobile LG models since come hidden in its interface code. This problem has been put in the hands of the manufacturer prior to the presentation of this finding but, for the moment, we don’t know if specifically some of the latest updates of their systems has served to correct them. It seems that the able to customization, interfaces of the manufacturers, about Android again to open a debate on if they add something to change, as in this case, lower the security of the systems.

Vulnerabilities in the mobile LG both to control them as to steal the user’s data

The first of the problems of the mobile LG has the name LGATCMDService and is presented as a code that increases the privileges of the interface but if this method is used by a malicious application that could connect to this service, you could do things like read and up to rewrite the IMEI or address MAC Terminal, disable USB, reset the device delete the entire memory or block it entirely away.

móviles LG gama X

On the other hand, the second of security problems has to do with “phishing“, i.e. the ability to steal data from the computer through the possibility that would send web links via the SMS protocol teams. Researchers indicate that the integration of SQL code in this Protocol components can lead to attackers control the links sent to your computer. This, obviously, can allow to install software or to activate any type of malicious code that usually comes through spam. In fact, hackers could turn on links in messages that still do not have already been read, leading to the team unless your user know it to visit web pages whose objective is to become with the control of the team and their data.

How we indicated earlier, efforts by Google to make sure its Android sometimes encounter problems bringing to be an operating system that is as open and at the mercy of the use that give manufacturers and other developers.

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Item discovered in the mobile LG two dangerous vulnerabilities was published in MovilZona.

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