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Twitter unveils details of its night mode in new images

A few weeks ago, we met one of the most popular applications was by adopting a new night mode, which had begun to appear in some versions Beta and alpha of the application. Now they have come back new images that show us how this night mode in the version of Twitter on Android. This mode is something already quite common in other applications, increasingly aware that we conciliemos sleep although we use the phone until the wee hours of the night.

Increasingly, applications that introduce a night mode among its options. As many of you know the light that emits the mobile screen is one of the main threats to sleep, so we are already seeing night mode even in our operating systems. While it seems that this night mode does not change anything about the light emitting screen, it tries to contribute to this completely transforming the application interface to darker than usual.

twitter modo nocturno

As you can see in these new images, night mode appears in the drop-down menu just above the settings, and when activated the white backgrounds which characterize the application transform to a black color that naturally emit less light to our eyes and is more friendly with regard to the reconciliation of the dream.

When will we see the night mode of Twitter in the stable version?

At the moment this way, is only a reality in certain versions Beta and alpha of the application, but it is expected to soon reach the stable Twitter version have all installed in our mobile. In addition to time this night mode is only available in prerelease versions of Android, so at the moment there are no news in this way in iOS.

twitter modo nocturno

The last time that we knew the existence of this way was more than one month ago, it seems that from Twitter are taking easy its implementation. With this new innovation Twitter wants users have more easily when it comes to sleep, because as you know one of the most intensive uses of the terminal occurs just before going to sleep.

twitter modo nocturno

When we are in bed, and the truth that review the Tweets with that bright white background it is not the best practices for sleep.

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